Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anime Vs Manga : Which is better?

I enjoy both of these because they are almost as good as each other. Now some people have asked me which is better but it's hard to judge. Now when it comes to anime a lot of people prefer this mainly because they don't like to read, but then again there is the problem of bad voice acting or badly cast voice actors for the characters. D.Gray-man is 1 of the examples for this. It has some really bad voice actors cast for the roles of Yu Kanda, Arystar Krory and the Millennium Earl. Translation of scripts is another problem that English dub anime has because of not getting someone who can do the job properly or worse... they alter the script and ruin the original source material, again D.Gray-man is the perfect example. The character Arystar Krory is a good example of bad translation, it's suppose to be Alystar Kroly! I mean have you ever seen the name Arystar before D.Gray-man? Google Arystar and all you get is D.Gray-man references. Also my biggest problem with the English dub of D.Gray-man is short stack replacing bean sprout. FUNimation needs a new translator so they can get the scripts and translations of characters names right. Sometime anime will have extra that the manga doesn't have like Naruto's abundant filler arch's or D.Gray-man character back story episodes.
Now on to mangas. What I like about mangas is that it's the original form of a lot of anime and is normally full of stuff that gets excluded from the anime. Manga also a quicker to get through than the anime because of the smaller amout of animated frames and the lack of filler.
To be honest both are as good as each other but it's all about what you feel like. I enjoy reading the mangas more then the anime when I have a small amount of free time but if I have lots of time then it's anime all the way. Also if you haven't worked it out I really like D.Gray-man and am REALLY angry at FUNimation for doing a really bad dubbing of the series and yes I watch it in Japanese because of what they did to it.

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