Monday, October 19, 2009

Retro Review : Halo Combat Evolved

Yes... I know... Halo... yeah... I thought about consoles games I wanted to review and I honestly only played a couple of Xbox games in my life and only own Black, Halo, Halo 2, Doom 3 and Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and I bought them after I owned a 360, but played them on my little brothers Xbox prior to buying them for myself... except Doom 3 I bought that for Doom 1&2 but I'm getting severely off topic here. So here is this weeks Retro Review, Halo.

Halo's.... story is short so here it is... Your Master Chief, a spartan cyborg who got woken up to save the spaceship Pillar of Autumn and then you escape it, kill some aliens named the Covenant, Find a parasite called the flood that eat and assimilate with flesh and eventually blow up the spaceship you tried to save to blow up a giant ring you spend the vast majority of the game on with a cliffhanger ending. Gameplay is what every FPS uses today...! Seriously both the controls and the style of play Halo uses are used in almost every FPS getting released to date and into the future, pretty much play Halo and you can play any FPS with no problems. Every FPS these days really wants to be like Halo and that why FPS's are flooding the market in America and Australia and Europe to boot! What I find funny is how I and the rest of the world can find the Halo franchise so appealing... for me it's killing aliens and the grunts comments when your near them and the online experience but that's about it.

I don't hate Halo... just what's been bred from it, every console seems to have it's wannabe Halo game and every developer makes wannabe Halo games to try and make money and forget the saying "Lightning never strikes twice" when making a FPS. Halo is a moderate FPS that is fun but it's sequels are better and for opening the door for the modern FPS it shall forever be one of the key factors to the decline of video games quality.

Now Halo may have been the cause of sooooooo many FPS's coming out these days but there are lots of other problems that are causing the decline of video games too and I'll cover it in a rant soon so look forward to seeing that soon... if I remember that is.

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