Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rant 16 : Sonic's betrayal and his new attempt at reconciliation

Anyone who's a Sonic fan knows what I'm talking about here. Sonic wowed us back in the early 1990's with the best games he ever made. Sonic 3D came out and started him on a path of destruction, that none of us payed attention to at first. Then there were the Sonic spin offs that started digging him further, most we never noticed on the Master System. During the Saturn years Sonic didn't even have a real game, just a bunch of crappy spins off and arcade games. When Sonic came back he kicked us all in the shins with his 128bit rendered foot with a crappy open worked game and a bunch of friends he made while avoiding the Saturn. Another game followed which was mediocre but acceptable in some fans eyes and brought Sonic a true Rival in Shadow the hedgehog, but then the spin off train came and took Shadow away,gave him a gun and sent him to fight aliens... wonderful...! When Sonic went HD so did our respect for him with his 2 open world titles that were no fun at all and don't forget the Wii games that were spewed out which has given us so much contempt for Sonic Team that if the next game fails... Sega will die! As for Sonic 4? Well we know that it's a 2D side scroller with Sonic and a character yet to be shown... probably Shadow to save money on script writing. The game has Sonic doing all of his normal moves from the Genesis/Megadrive games with the addition of the homing attack and it looks like Green Hill makes a return in the teaser video and will apparently have some dreaded motion controls for Wii and PS3 versions, so the 360 version is already looking like the best choice. So far it looks like it's going to be good but if they charge AU$20 an episode, then they'll be hell to pay! Sonic is the most abused mascot of any game company, the biggest proof of this is his partnership with Mario for a stupid set of Olympic games and the mediocre Super Smash Bros. Brawl... and if the rumors are true Super Mario Galaxy 2. I say if Sonic 4 sucks... sell your shares in the company if you have any and never buy another Sonic game ever again. Sonic and Final Fantasy have something in common, the companies that own them are milking them for what they are worth and aren't trying anymore to appease fans until the get extreme scorn.

Why is it that everything I grew up with is being destroyed. Mortal Kombat died when it went 3D, Sonic is being dragged to hell as we speak with Final Fantasy close behind. Mario is most likely next with all of his companions at Nintendo. Am I missing any other franchises that are getting killed that were created before 1995? List them in the comments and I'll check if I've played it before.

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