Monday, February 8, 2010

Retro Review : Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete (import)

Today's Retro Review is of a game you never heard of in the PAL region but is known in the NTSC region. I'll give you a little history lesson on the game to start with. Lunar:The Silver Star was a Sega CD game released in the NTSC region back in 1992. It's a traditional JRPG with voice acting and video cut scenes, yeah in 1992 games had voice acting and cutscenes. It's the first game in the Lunar RPG series that gained a sequel in 1995 called Lunar:Eternal Blue. In 1996 The game I'm reviewing was released with enhanced cutscenes and graphics. In 2002 Lunar Legend for the Gameboy Advance which was a water down version of the original game which was no where near as good as the other version and in 2010 the U.S will see the release of Lunar:Silver Star Harmony which is a redone version of the PS One version with extra content and new graphics, which like all the other versions WILL NOT GET A PAL REGION RELEASE! Well anyway here's my Retro Review on Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete.

The story of this game is well structured and enjoyable from start to finish. The story is about Alex a teen who wants to follow in the footsteps of a legendary Dragonmaster named Dyne and leaves his village with his friends Nall(a dragon who looks like a cat until later in the game), Luna and Ramus and during his journey he makes new friends, enemies and yadda yadda yadda... just import the PSP version like I'm going to in March or April. The game is a traditional JRPG that features an auto battle system for lazy gamers and the characters move toward their target after an attack command is issued. All the spells and techniques are learned as the characters level outside of Alex who has a few he learns as the story progresses. The PS One version is a 2 disc game and a 3rd disc is in the box which is a sound track CD. The game takes about 40 hours on an average play but if you want to max out the characters, then good luck it will take forever after LV60 to level up.

Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete is an awesome traditional JRPG that any fan of the genre will love but if your in the PAL region your gonna miss out unless you import or get it as an ISO file or something like that but since a PSP version gets released in the U.S around mid March just import it through Play Asia or eBay, trust me it's worth it.

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