Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII has surprised me!

Ok we've all read about what's been done to the game and after 8 hours of play, I have been surprised by the game. While playing it I've been enjoying the story, most of the characters are tolerable, the soundtrack is Ok and the battle systems is simple to get the hang of. What's really surprised me is that the game has made me realise that it's not the first extremely linear Final Fantasy. What got me to this was the environmental design and progression reminded me of Final Fantasy X. Now Final Fantasy X isn't as linear as Final Fantasy XIII, but remember how long it takes to get the airship? It's not until 40 hours in that you gain access to the airship and then you can finally do most of the sidequests. Final Fantasy XIII apparently takes 25 hours to get to the less linear section, but the only game extending thing is a series of missions you can do which are there for achievements/trophies more then anything else. I will have a review for Final Fantasy XIII either Thursday or Friday so look forward to it... or just watch or read another review somewhere else.

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