Monday, March 22, 2010

New South Australian Attorney General to be picked in 2 weeks.

Ok as you may already know former South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson has stepped down to spend more time with his family which favours gamers slightly. A new SA Attorney General will be chosen in a week or 2 and I hate to be the one to drag down dreams but remember that it's South Australia! South Australia is apparently a religious state and chances are that the new guy may end up having similar views to Atkinson or even have Atkinson in his ear continuing the ignorant fools work. All we can do is wait and see and all I'm saying is don't cheer just yet! The next SA Attorney General may even be worse then the last so don't celebrate until the R18+ for games comes in, IF it comes in.

If the meeting with the Attorney Generals comes after the new guy is chosen then we may get the R18+ on games but like I said, the new guy could be as bad.

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