Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rant 21 : 3D gaming and the Nintendo 3DS

Ok I know I'm gonna get some stink about this but I honestly don't like the idea of 3D gaming. Sure the 3D gimmick has appeal to a lot of people thanks to Avatar (which I enjoyed better without the headache inducing glasses) but I think it's a bad idea. My reasoning is the fact that you will need the glasses and like I said they're headache inducing, the fact you need to buy extra glasses also irks me because you need on average 4 for you family and at least 2 spares for guest... assuming your not hosting a movie night. I also hate the fact that some people are just getting HDTV's in our homes and now they're telling us buy a new TV. Who do they think we are? I honestly am not buying one until that's all I can buy on the market. Here's a big one, loss of perception and reality! Look at the fact that 3D makes you feel like your really there, like MMO's it can in some cases alter what you perceive is real and fiction and in the case of 3D technology could make you think an armed robber in real life is on your TV until you realise your dying from a gunshot wound for not getting on the ground. Admittedly the odds are slim of this happening but you never know... and that's the problem.
As for the 3DS it was only announced with no details. I am curious about how they plan on making 3D without the need for glasses. As for the games I hope they don't make any that are 3DS exclusive because I don't want to buy a console that will give me a headache just to play a Mario, Zelda, Metroid or JRPG. Also I bet it will be released at the same price as the original DS or even $AU300.

Honestly I agree with Adam Sessler from G4 when it comes to 3D gaming. Whether they can make a 3D gaming console and TV that don't give me a headache or not I'm not buying it unless I have no choice anymore. I hope with 3D gaming it's an option in the options menu of the game instead of being forced on you. I don't want Final Fantasy XVI in headache 3D vision and no choice to avoid it.

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