Sunday, March 21, 2010

South Australia Attorney General Michael Atkinson to quit Labors cabinet

Apparently scourge of Aussie gamers, Michael Atkinson will be leaving Labors front bench to let other member have a go and to spend more time with his family. That may sound good to gamers but we still may have to wait 4 years to get any chance of the R18+ for games. Now we wont know his gone until he leaves so all we can do is wait and admittedly he did have a slightly reasonable reason against the R18+ for games but it's still narrow minded. Also one thing some people forget is that even if he leaves, who's to say he wont be in the ear of his replacement or that he's replacement could have the same view. All we can do is speculate and hope that in 4 years or less that we get the R18+ for games. Now admittedly I really want the R18+ for games, but my reasoning is so parents will be more informed on the evolution of games and not buy inappropriate games for there kids. A good example of parents buying inappropriate games for there kids is last nights episode of Good Game SP on ABC 3. Regardless all hopes not completely lost, but isn't exactly showing itself either. Only time will tell.

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