Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review : Dead Rising 2

Well I've been putting this off because of playing this and Blade Kitten but now I am ready to review this game. This review may be short but we'll see what happens. Regardless here's my review of Dead Rising 2... heh heh that rhymes.

Dead Rising 2 does improve on the first game but has some problems to it as well. I'll go over these a little later but let's go through the normal routine first. Dead Rising 2's story continues after Case:0 with Chuck Greene now in Fortune City entered in a zombie killing contest to earn money to buy his daughter Katey Zombrex, a drug that holds off the effects of zombification. After the event a zombie outbreak is now set lose on Fortune City and Chuck is blamed for the outbreak. Now Chuck has 72 hours to prove his innocence and find Zombrex to keep his daughter alive.
The game plays very similar to the original and like Case:0 features a weapons combo system with 50 different weapons that can be made. The controls are reasonably intuitive but there is a slight delay and it's almost unnoticeable. The game features a leveling up system like the first and like the first with each level you learn new abilities and you can get combo cards too while leveling. Almost anything can be used as a weapon in the game varying from toy mallets to chainsaws and you can combine certain items to create a variety of weapons like the Paddlesaw or my personal favourite the Lazersword. While running around you can also change Chucks look by wearing the clothes and other items scattered across Fortune City's various stores. The game is structured in a mission based system like the first but there is 1 set of missions you can't ignore which is giving Katey Zombrex. The game has different endings and missions as well as heaps of side missions which consist of saving survivors and taking down psychopaths which you can find while running around as well. The game also has a multiplayer mini game called Terror is Reality and you compete with other players in Zombie killing events for cash which gets added to your file and a Co Op mode where 2 players team up to play the story mode. The Co Op is where the game shines because the game is more fun with others and it's also very helpful to when completing missions, killing psychopaths and saving survivors. Unfortunately the game lacks an infinite mode and sometimes when playing online if the host saves you get booted. On top of the Chucks moves he learns are crappier then Frank West's and hit detection can be frustrating and zombies attack a split second after your attack animation and it happens a lot of the time when fighting the zombie horde. Other then those problems the game is great and lots of fun, especially with friends.

Dead Rising 2 if an overall fun game but being dragged by the nose for every little thing keeps getting in the way of the fun. The game is more fun with a friend online and the mini game Terror is Reality is only worth playing for the achievements/trophies. Zombie killing never gets old and trying out every combo weapons in a fun experience. The game deserves it's 5/5 rating I'm giving it even with it's little problems. You'll have lots of fun killing zombies and with it's multiple endings you'll replay the game to unlock them all.

Score 5/5

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