Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rant 29 : Motion Control Revolution

Ok this rant is triggered by all the info that keeps rolling in on the Kinect. I am an overweight person and from what I can gather Kinect isn't fat friendly. Now considering that some if not the majority of the "Hardcore" gamers are overweight then that's a large audience that gets screwed by the new tech. It also doesn't like baggy clothes either, again most people prefer baggy clothes over 20 years old and young people wear skinny clothes. This isn't a major issue but still really stupid. Then there's the room you need to play in. You will need minimum 8ft of space between the TV and you and extra for multiple players and you'll need an approximately 22ft room for optimum setup. Also every game on Kinect's release are either Wii clones or just rubbish. To be honest I have hope for Kinect but it's not going in my accessories collection because I'm to fat for the damn thing and I'm not losing weight just to play with that. Seriously Kinect has a bright future and is ahead of it's time, but it's too finicky over who can play with it and how you can play with it.
Then there's PlayStation Move. It's a Wiimote that needs a camera instead of an inferred sensor. Now this is a good device from what I've seen so far but it seems like a lot of trouble to go through to play 1 game with the damn thing. You need to stand in front of the thing and sync the thing and then pray it responds properly after that's done. Then the fat thing could possibly rear it's ugly head and then guess who's screwed once again, this guy! Now the PS Move is a step sideways in terms of technology because we already have the Wii and a HD Wii will probably roll out in a few years so who really cares? Well I do actually care about the PS Move but there isn't anything worth buying on it outside of Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain... that's it. Well if Dead Space 2 supports it and maybe every 3rd person shooter to come out then it'll have a good selection of games... maybe. Sony seemed to just jump in head first without thinking when it can to Move and sure, I can see it being a big success but it need games that aren't Wii clones and needs games build for the tech properly. Hell give Insomniac a crack at making a Ratchet and Clank that uses it like a Zelda/Resident Evil 4 crossover control scheme and that will sell the damn thing pretty well. In fact I'll suggest that to them.

Motion controls are a new path for gaming but nothing beats the classic controller and sure, the Wii did it right and fun but the new tech can dint there market share a bit IF they do it right. At least Nintendo isn't anti fat so they'll always be on top and there controls are not as finicky and have always had everyone in mind when making there hardware. This does sound like Nintendo pandering but hey, they did it right.

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