Friday, October 8, 2010

Review : Comic Jumper

Well once again the digital distribution service known as Xbox Live has gained a new game to it's stable that is worth coughing up money for. Comic Jumper is a game that doesn't take itself seriously and is funny from start to finish. Here's my review of Comic Jumper.

Comic Jumper is a side scrolling shooter, think Gunstar Heroes and it also has a couple of beat 'em up sequences during the game but it's mainly a shooter. Here's the story, Captain Smiley is a comic book hero of a sub par comic book series that gets cancelled. Now Captain Smiley has been bought out by Twisted Pixel (the guys who made the game) and has to guest star in other comic series just to earn money to jump start his series once again.
The game unfortunately has controller layout problems for a person like me and the game has melee sections and no melee button for the entire game. It's not a problem for most people but it hinder me a bit through the entire game. This game has 11 stages and only took 4 hours for me to finish. Now as mentioned the game has a huge amount of humor varying from game references to comic book and movie references and even period references. You'll be laughing throughout the entire game and it never gets boring. The stages in the game are not very long and are based on Conan, Shojo manga and even 60's crime fighting comics with various reference to each genre. While playing each stage you go through 3 to 4 different sections, they are shooter, bullet hell shooter, melee and rail shooter. The boss fights are frustrating, but interesting and are satisfying to defeat.

Well... Comic Jumper is a large file size game that takes forever to download and has frustrating controls and is criminally short considering it's almost a 2GB game, but even with these problems this is a good game. Paying 1200MS points is way too much for it in my opinion but it's still not a bad game for the price, just short and way too big of a file size for what little content you get. I give the game a 4/5 because it's funny and fun if you can handle the controls.

Score 4/5

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