Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review : Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Well it's been like 11 years or something since the last one got released and the wait is over. Will this game meet the expectations of a fan like me? Who bloody knows right? Well let's get this review done and find out. Here's the review of Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Let's start with the story... ... ... yeah... there are ending for each character... Oh and Something to do with Galactus and Wesker and Doc Doom wanting to using his power. Ok I admit it! There isn't really a story outside of what I could deceiver from the comic it came with on preorder. I never saw any cinematic for it either. It's a fighting game so story isn't really too important but the big question is how do you get a story out of this crossover without offending people?

As mentioned before it's a fighting game, how does it play? Well if you've ever played a MVC game before then you already have a basic idea and if you've played Tatsunoko Vs Capcom(or read my review which is still on my blog site) it's a lot like that plus a knock up button and a new move called X factor that allows you to cancel out an action or just use it to power yourself up in a hairy situation... if the other play even let's you... jerks! YOU HEARD ME! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Ahem... anyway this game has a ridiculously high reliance on air combos and as such makes it no fun on harder difficulties then normal or when you jump online. Sure people are skilled at doing it naturally in MVC2 but Capcom in their infinite wisdom thought it was a great idea to make it a big focus in this one and has made playing online the worst online fighting game experience I've ever had! The simplified controls are also a hassle for beefier players like me who are used to dedicated kick and punch buttons but it can be overcome very quickly and the new "Simple" control setting allows even noinks(n00bs for then people who didn't even give Blade Kitten a chance... jerks!) and children a chance at taking on a moderate player... and cry as soon as an online jerk defeats them without giving them a chance to look at the screen.

There are both online and offline modes. Offline modes has the basic arcade mode where you fight the CPU and eventually the extremely hard to defeat Galactus. Ok off-topic for a second here. Why do fighting games always, ALWAYS have a bull crap final boss with bull crap attacks? This isn't fair for the average gamer and they always have unblockable and full screen attacks. This needs to stop. I'll take Bison over every other bull crap boss! At least you can block his attacks! There is the basic versus mode with another person(which is now one of the least used options in fighting games, thank you online gaming!), Training mode to attempt getting better at the game(and still be beaten by online jerks!) and a Mission mode which let's you try out the big combos of the game... actually completing all of them is a whole other question. Online we have Ranked Matches(filled with jerks!) Player Matches(also filled with jerks!) and lobbies which allow groups of up to 8 players join in and have 2 people play while the rest twiddle their thumbs and watch player licences bounce around of a few minutes(These don't always get filled with jerks but they can pretty easily. Seriously Beginners means beginners not jerks get easy wins room) and that gets boring.

The game is great though. The online has almost no lags for the most part and the fact that most of the characters are new is a great thing. The only complaints I have are the high reliance on air combos, online jerks and people always using the same characters even though there are 36 characters to choose from. I'll let you in on a secret about me. I always use the random characters square in every fighting game online, why you ask? 3 reasons, 1. I like to play every character regardless of how bad I suck with them 2. I like to actually see variety on screen when I play a fighter and finally 3. Because I play games for FUN! Anyone remember what that was like? You know before online gaming and extreme competitive jerks outside of an arcade?

Look it's a great game. 5/5. It has some annoyances but this is player related not game related and you'll have fun if you're a fan who actually wants to have fun and even you mum can learn to play the game thanks to the "Simple" setting. I recommend getting it and getting your friends to get it and go visit them at there place on theirs or your day of to play and take turns. Screw the online jerks and play like the old days, Grampa signing off(I'm 25)!

Score 5/5

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