Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Nintendo can do with their new console.

Ok as you know Nintendo has announced a new console to be released in 2012 and they've told us... nothing... leaving many to speculate. I would love to play the speculate game as well but instead I'm going to talk about what Nintendo can do to make their new console really good and innovative.

Well let's start with the obvious. They need to make it HD and possibly 3D. They also need to put in a 320GB HDD minimum if they have install data or 120GB for just save data. They need to keep Wii reverse compatibility for Wii games and controllers. They need to make it so you can transfer your data from Wii to whatever they name the new console. They need to make it with an ethernet port for wired internet. They need disc storage over 10GB for the games for their potential HD optical discs. They also need to make their online friend system and multiplayer better for those who actually care about playing online. I think that covers the obvious but now let's go to the less obvious.

Nintendo like to make games for all so they should consider allowing games like Angry Bird, Plants Vs Zombies and other small games like that be released on it with exclusive controls that use either the Wiimotes or their new motion controller. This is because these smaller games are very popular today and will encourage people to make the move to consoles for these games.

They should also drop the currency point system and use real world money so people don't have left over points they can't use for an extremely long period of time. I have Wii points I can't use because Nintendo hardly updates the PAL Wii Shop. Seriously we don't even have Contra!

Another thing they should do which some people may not agree with is that it should have Gamecube reverse compatibility. 3 reasons, 1) It will most likely use optical discs like the Gamecube 2) Gamecube games are about 1.2GB per discs and will take up a lot of space on a HDD 3) Some of us still have a large collection of Gamecube games we still play on the Wii. Also they need to have the home menu work while playing a Gamecube game and use whatever new controller or the Classic controller to play them.

This one is the most important in my opinion. They should allow the 3DS to be used as a controller for some of the games. Seriously this is something they should have done when they first connected the Gameboy Advance to the Gamecube. This is an important thing because being able to combine the 2 for some games will make the games more interactive and is the true innovative path the company should follow this time around, handheld and home console connectivity. Can you imaging a HD Zelda game that uses the 3DS as a controller freeing up the screen from clutter with all the stuff on the 3DS like the inventory and mini map, using the 3DS gyroscope for interscreen aiming of the bow, scanning enemies on screen by moving the 3DS over the enemy, puzzles that can be solved using the 3DS, using the 3DS to find secret holes and treasure chests and the list can keep going depending on the imagination. Also Nintendo, you're welcome for the idea for a new Zelda.

Rechargeable controllers or battery pack should also be considered by Nintendo since they are cheaper then batteries and Nintendo will get some serious appreciation for it's customers for doing this.

A new controller design for playing games without motion controls should be made and designed like the classic controller but wireless and move the left thumbstick up to the same level as the buttons.

They need to make the Mii's as your profile image and use it as the means of adding friends to your friends list through the Nintendo online service. This way your Mii plaza has your Mii and the Mii's of all your friends and if they aren't online they can sleep on screen and have a different Mii plaza for each Mii profile on the new Nintendo consoles.

I suppose they can make an achievement system but here's my twist to it. Link the achievement system to peoples Nintendo Club accounts so instead of earning achievements for bragging rights, you're doing them for Nintendo Club stars! This way you can actually gain achievements for exclusive Nintendo Club swag! This is a great idea and they aren't for nothing like the Trophies of PlayStation 3 or the achievements of the Xbox 360. Again Nintendo you're welcome.

Also make the console REGION FREE! Seriously region locking encourages piracy and if all the content is region free for both digital and disc games then no one will want to pirate except the undesirables. This will also make it easier to find pirated software too.

I think that covers everything I can think of. How much of the things Nintendo uses is questionable but I'm sure anyone reading this will agree with everything or most of what I've come up with. Regardless I'm sure Nintendo will make a great console that targets everyone instead of some. We'll see at E3.

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