Friday, October 28, 2011

The FPS genre may be dying... YAY!

WTF am I saying? Well let's look at all the high selling war FPS on the market right now, The single player campaigns are getting shorter while the multiplayer is heavily focused on 1:1 tea bagging and racism both on the games and gamers parts.

Let me get this straight, I don't completely hate the FPS genre. I love games like Halo, Duke Nukem, Fallout 3, Rage(don't own but love playing my friends PC version) Portal(technically a First Person Puzzle game) Half life, Bioshock, Resistance and Metroid Prime... notice a trend? I just personally hate the games that are most popular in the genre, the gun wank war FPS games.

As for the genre dying, well if you've played them you may have noticed that the campaigns barely last 5 hours in some and rarely break 8 hours. Also the stories in them are like grease proof paper that's been dipped in grease... barely there! On top of that these games are unintentionally racist, you heard me! Plus all the money goes into multiplayer and I know people who don't have Internet connections and/or don't care about online multiplayer and they feel ripped off when they buy these games. Now to go into more details about what I mentioned here.

The single player campaigns in these games can pretty much be summarised in a paragraph since their stories are like what... 2 pages long. I've played Battlefield Bad Company 2, Modern Warfare's 1 and 2, Medal Of Honor and all of their stories never stuck with me. The only thing I remember out of those games are realistic guns and that nuke scene from MW1... that's it!

The single player has become nothing more then a training tool for online multiplayer so noinks( it's from Blade Kitten and means No idea noob Kid.) can slightly stand a chance in an online murderfest. On top of that the single player campaign can be cleared in an afternoon. Seriously I used to own MW1 and I finished it the day I bought it before dinner that night and I refuse to play games on a difficulty higher then normal unless it's worth replaying and it wasn't, took it back and swapped it for Uncharted the next day.

As for racism in these war FPS you notice this more when you live in a multicultural country like Australia or are of the ethnicity being killed in the game. In every bloody war FPS you play as a white soldier(either a Yankee or Pommy/Limey[American or British]) and you are always shooting Germans, Russians, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Middle Eastern or in the rare extent Negros( is that acceptable to use?) and yes I'm aware MW3 has other white people to use but here's the thing... there ALWAYS white!

Now I am a white man myself(whiter then most whites since I almost never go into sunlight since I'm a red head... also a minority) and it pisses me of that I can never play these games as anyone other then a white guy. Why you ask? Well I feel like a racist playing these games because I can't play as any one of those ethnicity's and I'm never teamed with them either. It also makes me wonder if the U.S Army even has ethnics in the army and that's sad. I'm sure the U.S army has all the mentioned ethnicity's in there army and it pisses me off that they are never represented in these games. I'm sure the racism in war games is mostly unintentional, but I can't help but feel these games also promote racism by only killing non Americans/British people and never playing as those ethnicity's in the main campaign. I get it Russia never waged war on the U.S, Vietnam wasn't a "true" victory, World War 2 sucked and was the only war you won, Koreans are a "threat" to you and 9/11 sucked but get the hell over it!

Now that I've really pissed the major majority of you who may be reading this it's time for my favourite punching bag in this... online multiplayer! Yes I HATE online multiplayer... except for some exceptions like Uncharted 2, Halo and the occasional MMORPG. Why you may ask? Well in short it's because of douche bags who take all the fun away in the game by cheap sniping and tea bagging you at every turn who call you a hacker for actually killing them and throwing racial and homophobic slurs around like confetti at a parade that's why! As well as crappy connections due to a lack of dedicated regional servers for Australia. I've played a ton of games online and I can't stand the players at all! The majority are arseholes! Halo is the only FPS I've played online where I've met people who weren't complete idiots and actually wanted to have fun playing.

Ok now to get to the topic at hand. The online mutiplayer of these games just aren't fun, mainly due to 2 things, realism and the players. Halo has you using outrageous weapons and aliens to skew the realism and focus on head stickies and hammer clubbing fun, while war shooter are just about killing each other in the cheapest and realistic way possible.

Then there's the DLC... I hate DLC, even in Halo! This is an aggravating thing because by the time all the DLC is released, you've bought the game twice and for what? 4 to 8 extra online murder coliseums? What's worse is that you'll get locked out from other players just because you didn't feel like wasting all that money on maps that aren't much different to the ones packaged in the game. Now if the DLC allowed you to play as an ape with a banana bazooka, then I'd be willing to part with 500M$ points. Also DLC is way to expensive! I mean AU$15 for a 2 map DLC? Piss Off!

Pretty much the FPS genre has started sucking it's own dick and has also become stagnant... more stagnant then JRPGs ever have, but more people notice JRPGs stagnating then FPSs. Soon the genre will have no single player and every game will be like MAG(played it, hated it, boring!) only slightly better. Enjoy the shallowness of the genre majority while I play the crap out of quality games like Legend Of Zelda, Mario, Blade Kitten, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, JRPGs and other games with more depth then a flattened teaspoon!

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