Monday, October 3, 2011

Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 Australia

Ok so on Saturday I went to the Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 to give the new games coming out a go and lucky me, they allowed me to record footage of the games. So I'm going to talk about the games and provide videos as well.

I'll start with Super Mario 3D Land

Well I personally came to the Nintendo Connection Tour 2011 just to play this and Skyward Sword and I have to admit that playing this game in 3D actually helps with the platforming and it's because of the angle they chose for it. Controls are also simple, just 3 buttons and the touchscreen for items. See this game actually did what more games need to do, simplistic controls!

Next let's go with Kid Icarus: Uprising

Let me just say that this game is a pain to play and needs either another circle pad or something like the original DS had to attach to your thumb. I actually wasn't sold on the game from the footage but after playing it I definitely can't wait for it to come out. You can only aim with the touchscreen and the main face buttons don't do much either. The controls are the same for flight sections as well as when you're on the ground and they're a bit messy to use on the ground. Even with the flaws, I enjoyed playing it.

Mario Kart 7 is up next

Well what can I say about it... really I haven't got much to say. If you've played Mario Kart it's the same but now there are hang glider attachments and you can drive underwater. All you really need to now is that it's just as good as previous Mario Kart games. Do we need any more?

Now a BIG surprise for me. Kirby's Return To Dreamland

This game wasn't announced to be there but wow! I didn't expect me to fall in love with a Kirby game. Now I kinda feel like Moviebob did when he first realised what he missed. This game is essentially like The New Super Mario Bros. Wii but in Kirby's universe. 4 player co op fun with Meta Knight, Kirby, King Deedee Dee and a Waddle dee or any combination of them. Simple controls and fun gameplay make this a must on my list. How about you?

Now for the main event, Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I have 3 videos of this so first we have the flight. The way to play is difficult with how they mapped the controls but I'm sure with enough time it'll be nothing. The gameplay here is like a game of tag.

The main play style is a lot like Twilight Princess but finicky. See while they say it's 1-1 motion controls... it isn't. There are both attack delays and worst of all the way you swing the sword is determined by where on screen Link his holding it. Let me put it this way, if he has his sword on the left and you swing left... he'll swing to the right. Also with all the new ways to control items and the interface... it's nightmarish! Let me put it this way... The demo was intimidating to me who has been gaming for 21 years! This game's demo was good but all I wanted was a tutorial.

Also here's a fight with that guy with the long fringe. I can't wait to fight him in the game!

Well I can't wait for these games to come out and I'm sure you'll love these games too... assuming you actually like games that use colours that aren't only brown, orange and grey. Nintendo really knows how to make high quality first party games... and make my wallet devoid of cash.

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