Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Ok I admit that I have 2 games that still haven't been reviewed and on top of it I just got Minecraft on 360 and Sonic 4 episode 2 is out this week that are also on the review table. Why haven't I gotten around to my older games to review? Well between a life outside games, curing a retro itch that resulted in cleaning and repair stuff and doctors appointments I've been given a limited amount of time to play the games on the list.

I can give a review of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition at almost any time but I need to do a draft and play some more. As for Tales of Graces f and The Witcher 2: Assassin's of kings Enhanced Edition my review of the are on the back burning due to their depth so it could be a while. These also the big problem of my main retail store I buy my games from GAME Australia going into administration and putting my preorders of Lollipop Chainsaw and Rocksmith PAL edition in jeopardy.

I'm hoping to get back on track soon and will hopefully have all the problems gone shortly. Also I'm considering reviving my retro reviews and rewriting them not that I've improved. I'm hoping to get more retro games in the near future for my collection and try and maybe rival Nintendo Legend... yeah right! Also check out Nintendo Legend's website and give a read of his NES reviews. His goal is to review every NES game released in North America.

Anyway I hope I can get this in order and bring more reviews.

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