Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rant 36: Another rant on video gaming! (18+)

Warning: the following is controversial and filled with course lanuage and may offend you, the reader. Consider this your first and only warning. I also don't care if you are offended by the material in this blog post since these are my personal opinions and this is where I vent.

I don't like being angry at my favourite hobby. Sure I froth at the mouth about it frequently, just look at my tweets for proof of that but I do it because I care about the medium... probably more then anyone really should. Thing is, every time I see a bright, shiny sign of greener pastures... it's quick swallowed up by the reminder that video games are corrupted... eroded... tainted... dying...

This time what's sent me off the deep end and filled me with metaphorical rabbies is E3, Square-Enix and well... the fact that the game genres I love are disappearing before my eyes among other things. So stay for more of my bile or go back to whatever useless thing you do on your PC or whatever DRM riddle device you're using. I just don't care anymore. I've accepted the fact that 99% of my blogs traffic is google searchs gone wrong.

Let me start this rampage on Square-Enix since they really seem to like pissing me off more and more since it's merger in 2003. It's the 25th anniversary of the franchise that opened my eyes to intellegent gaming and how do they celebrate it? A lazy port of it's 3rd game on PSP with almost no chance of a western physical release, a fucking rhythm game, an expansion pack for it's ruined MMO after 5 years with no new one, continual teases of it's Duke Nukem development time game and more fanboy flamebait with teasing a remake of it's most popular game that has nothing on the favourite of it's creator. If you haven't worked this out I am sickened by you and guess you're under 22 years old. I am obviously talking about Final Fantasy. Yes Final Fantasy, the game series that gave me story heavy games that required tactical thinking to play.

I am just so pissed off with Square-Enix about this so much! It's the 25th anniversary of a golden age bred game series and they aren't celerbrating it at all! They abadoned turn based combat for more action based combat, killed the strategic element and replaced it with luck and extreme handicaps against the player, took control away from the player with A.I partners, can't write a decent story anymore, overfill the games with cutscenes, tamper with working elements to ruin the games, pretty much kill the franchise for those who grew up with it just for new fans... fuck new fans! I'm sorry but there's evolving to suit the times and then there's butchering to suit the retard majority. I am ready to give up on the franchise these days because all they seem to do is break what wasn't broken and butcher what was once a dominate series of games in it's genre.

Look, if I could get my way I'd give the franchise back to it's creator and let him save it before it's unsalvagable. I'd also abandon the fucking future fantasy setting since it just sucks more and more with each game set there. To me the last great Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy X-2 and That was the last game made before the merger was finalized... ah, the pieces fall into place!

Continuing on my Final Fantasy fanboy bitching is the lack of turn based RPGs. This is the genre Final Fantasy made me fall in love with and is why the JRPG genre became my second favourite genre. I haven't seen a new turn based RPG in a long while... ok more like haven't seen a good one but still what the fuck is going on?! Seriously the recent Atelier games are sub par, Final Fantasy XIII-2 isn't a true turn based RPG and other then them, I haven't seen a new one. I'm betting money that it's all the retard masses fault! They hate using their brains for anything more then memorizing where the buttons are on a controller and which way the disc needs to face to be read in the console.

E3 pisses me off more and more as I reflect on this years press conferences and what was on show. All the FPS games have proven that gaming is no longer a nerd refuge and the lack of JRPGs and turn based RPGs has proven further that we have lost the war. Hell, nerds have lost EVERYTHING! We lost comic books thanks to Hollywood, we lost books thanks to TV and Hollywood, we lost video games thanks to Sony and Microsoft, we lost everything nerdy except PC repairs and retro gaming.

Back to E3, all Sony and Microsoft cared about was all the extra features and family/casual games they had to offer. While I'm not opposed to bringing in new blood to gaming, I hate all these features attached to the consoles that anyone gaming since cartridges doesn't give a flying fuck about! Nintendo have even jumped on this fucking band wagon only to keep themselves alive and not suffer SEGA's fate. I don't give a fuck about sports or dedicated applications for it, I don't give a fuck about streaming media on my consoles, I don't give a fuck about online multiplayer with hooting dickholes with less brain cells than a creatinous ameba, I don't fucking care about surfing the internet on my video game consoles, I don't fucking like digital distribution, I don't fucking care about multimedia on my video game console! I just want to play a variety of video games on my console and nothing more! Fuck, consoles started breaking down more once they started focusing on things other then just playing games!

All the FPS games at E3 just piss me off because they are ALL... THE... FUCKING...SAME!!! Sure they HAVE different names but they are all the same! Then there's the sequel overload! AHHHH! I am so sick of fucking sequels! Assassin Creed 3, Bioshock Infinite, Darksider 2 are the only sequels that still have originality in it. Sure Nintendo sequels are an acception to the manotinous sequels but only because they aren't half arsed and have a lot of heart put into it. Sequels are just proof that the video game industry is too scared to really go out on a limb. Back in the golden age, it was anything goes!

Digtal Distribution has always pissed me off. From it's exclusives, to it's lack of ownership and the ignorance and laziness of people who embrass it. I originally saw potential in it as a means of indie developers to experiment and retro games to be revived by it, instead AAA developers use it to make smaller games to sell at high prices and riddle games with downloadable content because they are too lazy to finish a game or pocket gouge us for content that should have been on the disc in the first place. Digital sales have only gone up because of the exclusive games like Sonic 4 and DLC for games like Mass Effect where they deny us content just to sell it back to us after we finish the game to stop us from trading it in or reselling it. It just pisses me off how this is and people piss me off for being too stupid to see through it.

Retro gaming pisses me off... why? Well the fact that the only way to get the old games is to fight for them! Whether it's biding for them on auction sites like eBay or arguements between collectors versus players when buying it in a specialty store, there is too much conflict here! Retro gaming is still pure, but since we can't easily download the games due to things like dead companies, company overlords changing(like in the case of Rareware) or arrogance(CAPCOM), we can't play the classics we missed out on or relive childhood memories without hunting down a copy like a bloodhound.

Modern gamers aka the retard masses piss me right the fuck off! They have ruined gaming more and more each year! Whether it's them giving us a bad image with there intollerance via Xbox Live or their overwhelming voice ruining gaming with it's demand and love for repetitive manotiny or their favourite genres dominating the sales charts among other things! Yes, the majority of gamers today piss me off! I, as a nerd who was gaming long before it was cool am sickened by the gamers of today!

Look... to me gaming was like an innocent, virgin girl with a song in her heart and a love for life. Now she's a gang rape victim who has been mentally damage and is addicted to drugs, enjoys sex and will do anything for her fix and her only hope is to get her into rehab and theropy before it's completely too late! Yes I know it's a vulgor reference to use but prove to me it isn't accurate! Gaming was a nerd refuge where the outcasts could escape to, to forget about their troubles and now it's dominated by those who forced us there. Suicided in the youth have increased because of this too since they now can't escape those who treat them like shit. Look at Facebook! They are harrassed there and on Xbox Live too! It just makes me sick! Gaming is making me sick! The world makes me sick! At least I still have Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby and Suda 51.


  1. I like turn-based combat games, partially because I'm bad at action games. The Dragon Quest games are still turn-based, aren't they?

  2. ha ha Ok.I skipped some of your ranting.But I do get where you are coming from.I also love the turn based JRPG's.And hate to see what they are doing to make it appealing for the masses.Luckily there are still developers present like Atlus who keep this particular genre alive.There are also still turn based RPG's being made for the PSP.Sadly most of them aren't released outside of Japan.With luck though you might be able to find English patched versions.Or it might be worth considering learning Japanese.I don't agree with gaming being a nerd refuge.Yes,it was a hobby reserved for the happy few.And when you think about it.It still is.Only now we have these casual gamers who sadly are in the majority and decide what is brought on the market.That is the way of how our Economy works.I don't like it.But think of it in another way.Casual as the name says is temporary.At one point it won't be hip or cool or whatever kids these days say.Real gamers will remain.And somehow within this group there will be people who will create games for those real gamers.The recent developments like the Kickstarter projects also will see to that.So don't lose hope.