Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall Of Hendon Myre

Dungeon Fighter Live:
Fall Of Hendon Myre
800 MS Points
ACB Rated: M
Well it's the game drought again... so until mid August, nothing is coming out at retail and the download scene gets it's notable gems. So I reluctantly decided to bite the bullet and purchase a subscription/license for a game based on a popular MMPRPG... yeah, I've bought a game based on a MMO before and that wasn't exactly what I expected. Well anyway here's my review of Dungeon Fighter Live: Fall Of Hendon Myre.

For those who don't know Dungeon Fighter Live is based on a MMO called Dungeon Fighter Online. It's a free to play game with a micro transaction model that will run on any PC made within the last 10 years. Dungeon Fighter Live however is a watered down version of that game.

Ok. There is a story at the start this game and it's told in a series of comic books pages and to be honest... it's feels long and it's boring to put up with, this coming from a guy who reads comic books/mangas and plays JRPGs and on top of that has finished Metal Gear Solid 4 3 times! It's also forgettable and I have trouble remembering it... I even zoned out.

The best way I can describe the gameplay is Golden Axe crossed with input commands for special moves like Street Fighter with RPG elements(you know levels, HP, MP) and nothing but fetch quest and monster hunting. Yeah, if you zoned out half way there I don't blame you to be honest. The controls are simple and special moves can be set to hot keys so anyone can easily jump in and play without having a steep learning curve, plus the game forces the tutorial down your throat when you "create"(more like select) a new character to play as... even if you made one prior.

There are 3 classes to choose in the game and that means that the Mage, Thief and Priest classes from the original are not available in this version. You get to choose a female fighter, a slayer who looks like one of the characters from Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and a gunner who looks like a generic anime character anyone could make if they redrew Vash the Stampede slightly different. Each has there own unique skills and abilities that can be leveled up by using SP earned while playing. Unfortunately there is also a low level cap of 20 for each character so you can easily get there without too much trouble.

Dungeon Fighter Live's name pretty much describes the game itself. You spend most of your time either in the hub town or in the recycled designed dungeons fighting the same palette swapped monsters in a Golden Axe style of gameplay with special moves. Each dungeon has gold and items to collect from defeating enemies or just breaking things like barrels, chest and trees.

Like Borderlands before it, Dungeon Fighter Live has a boat load of colour named pieces of equipment to collect that you'll be swapping out constantly and quests to complete lifted out of any MMORPG ever made. You can give items to other players too if you want for an achievement... is there any other reason? Yes but most won't consider it.

As mentioned above you can play up to 4 players locally or online. This is where the subjective fun can be had. Playing with randoms doesn't seem to yield any lag in my experience but the fight for loot can be frustrating, even when you tell them as the host of the game that the items are collect what you made drop unless it's a weapon for another players class. When you play with friends online it become more of a mutual collaboration and if you go with couch play the fun varies depending on the seriousness.

There really isn't much more to it. It's a watered down console port of a popular MMORPG that keeps the gameplay and addictiveness of it's predecessor, without the depth. Considering the price and the fact it actually plays well, it's not bad... just not great either. Like Ragnarok DS before it, Dungeon Figher Live is just a cash in port that's safe and mediocre. The game is better with friends that may like the idea of a Golden Axe RPG with special moves but how many of us have friends, let alone friends with that kind of taste. There are better games out there worth your time but still it isn't that disappointing. I would suggest the MMO over this but I won't tell you to avoid this one either.

Score 3/5

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