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Review: Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6
PS3, Xbox 360, PC(eventually)
RRP: AU$99.95
ACB: MA15+
Well a new Resident Evil is out and I've been playing it non stop since it came out in Australia on September 28(suck it world! We got it first for once!). Also took me 4 days to clear all 4 campaigns in the game. What's my opinion on the game you ask? Read on o' child of naivety.

The story of Resident Evil 6 is split into 4 stories, 5 chapters in each. The story focuses on Leon's struggle with zombies in Tall Oaks, Chris' vengeance against Ada Wong for killing his men, Jake's survival to save the world from the new C virus and Ada's mysterious breadcrumb trail she must follow. I'd love to spill more about the story but to quote River Song "Spoilers!"(Doctor Who reference for the win!)

The gameplay has been overhauled to play like every other 3rd person shooter on the damn planet! Let me put it this way... Epic Games ripped of Resident Evil 4 and tweaked it for Gears of War and Capcom ripped off Gears of War to save on innovation and pander to the idiot masses. Well that may be a little inaccurate, if you've played a 3rd person shooter in the last 3 seconds then the controls are nothing new to you. Luckily(if you can call it lucky) for Resident Evil veterans, we can change the controls to be slightly more like Resident Evil 4... but it'll slow down the way you play unless you're REALLY good... like me.

While the controls may be different to previous games, the new features wouldn't be available without it. For the first time ever you can walk and shoot... not run and gun though for all you Ritalin junkies. You can also sprint, take cover, melee, perform quick time events and this is sounding AWFULLY familiar isn't it? Yeah... the game has finally bent to the will of the idiot masses who like action over horror. The unique moves in the game are sliding, shooting on your back, dodging and countering... not much huh?

To make matters worse, the game has an annoying habit of taking the camera away from you to focus in on a specific event happening. If they would have copied Gears of War completely and used a button for the focus, it wouldn't be as annoying. Speaking of the camera, the game is filled with sprint sections where the camera likes to change without a moment's notice and throw you off. It's so frustrating when your character isn't on screen and you get turned around and die(this actually caused many deaths for my mum who actually IS a gamer... that and the QTEs)! FFFFFFFFFFF!!! Also slow walking sections have the camera taken from you sometimes and these section usually have you on the radio with someone. I HATE SLOW WALKING SECTIONS IN GAMES, ESPECIALLY WHILE THE CHARACTER IS ON THE RADIO! STOP IT!

As mentioned before, there are quick time events...ugh! Resident Evil 4 has a lot, Resident Evil 5 had more... Resident Evil 6 throws them at you constantly like an aggressive gym teacher who loves dodge ball WAY too much and hates nerds. Whether it's because of being attacked, a cutscene to progress further, to interact with an object or just to piss you off, Resident Evil 6 has one waiting for you. I hate QTEs some much and these come fast and furious at you, requiring the speed of a hyperactive knat on Red Bull and cocaine to react to them!

The campaign's are split into 5 chapters and each one can last up to 6 hours if you hardly die and 12 hours if you play with your mum... or at least my mum... she got better in the other 2 Co Op campaigns though! You can play 3 campaigns in Co Op both online up to 4 players and locally with 2 players. The 4 player online Co Op connects 2 campaigns together at an intersection of the story, usually for a boss fight. The way it works is if by some chance you and another players campaign are at the point where the same characters interact, you can team up for a short period of time. This is pretty cool since all 4 campaigns interact with one another every once in a while.

As for the supposed "horror", this game brings back zombies that are now faster and use weapons to actually make them challenging to suit the more action focused gameplay. The Ganados/Majinni make a return under a new name call J'avo and on top of that, their plaga are more bug like and are part of the C virus. The J'avo have a more tactical script written into them so they are more difficult to defeat then the Ganados/Majinni of the past, who the zombies are more like.

The enemies of the game are pretty boring to look at. It's just zombies and J'avo who look like normal people for the most part until they get damaged and transform. They are all bullet sponges and take way too long to kill, hell zombies take more then 1 bullet to the head! WTF?! Nothing really poses much of a threat either! Everything is just a nuisance that have a habit of cheap attacking you and knocking you back... like in Lost Planet! I think that Capcom never bothered scaling the enemies and gameplay properly just like they do with their fighting games.

One other thing, there are a fair few vehicle sections in the game. Capcom used about every vehicle in the action movie playbook. You will ride a snow mobile, bike, drive a car, fly a jet and helicopter. This games wants to be an action movie/game so bad that it's starting to resemble those piss poor Resident Evil live-action films... it's laughable! These vehicle sections are just a pointless waste of time and drove me crazy!

During the game you will find items in boxes and dropped from enemies that give you ammo, health restoration and skill points. The skill points are cashed in to unlock a variety of skills to help affect how the game flows. You unfortunately can only equip 3 skills in campaign and only 1 in Mercenaries mode but you can set up 8 skills sets made to suit your play style or a specific situation and in campaign mode they can be swapped around in game. Some of the skills will require you to finish the entire game or earn a certain number of kills with a specific weapon to unlock.

Like in Resident Evil 5, there are emblems to find within each stage of the game for a total of 80. All they seem to do is just unlock digital statues and files that delve into the mythos of the Resident Evil franchise. At least collecting them all unlocks a trophy/achievement for achievement hunter. Some of these are really well hidden so hunting the down won't be easy.

Mercenaries mode is back but only has 3 maps. You can tell Capcom plans to pocket mine heavily through this mode. There are costumes to unlock for each character that have different load outs and a character to unlock in each map. I personally am not clear how Capcom plans on convincing us to waste money on pointless DLC for Mercenaries mode, but we'll see soon enough. Again Mercenaries mode can be played in Co Op but be prepared to either frustrate or be frustrated by other players. I personally have been extremely frustrated by other players in this mode. The major purpose of this mode is to earn skill points and earn high scores for bragging rights.

To give douche bag trolls something to do in a new mode called Agent Hunt. In this mode players can invade other peoples online campaigns and take control of the enemies to kill them. This is just meant to piss other players off who accidentally leave Agent Hunt on in an online game. Also there are no achievement to earn in this mode, so it's just a troll mode and nothing more! In my opinion this mode is pointless in a game like this and is only for jerks who like to ruin other peoples fun. I'm sure there are pricks who will enjoy this mode but I don't like it! It's a mode better suited for a Call Of Duty's campaign mode, not this game.

Resident Evil 6 is a bit disappointing to a long time fan like me who guided the master of unlocking through a mysterious mansion, experienced the worst first day on the job ever, got chased by a zombie terminator, escaped a zombie infested prison island while being hunted by a crazy guy with multiple personalities, saved the president's daughter, finished Wesker off once and for all, found out where it all began and fought leeches that grouped up to make other creatures. This is a "good" game but not good. Sure I enjoyed playing it myself, but I love Resident Evil! This game isn't as bad as Operation: Raccoon City but it's not a real Resident Evil game, it's Gears Of Wars with zombies! If you never played a Resident Evil don't bother with this one, if you have and love Resident Evil then just wait for it to go into the discount bin since it's only really worth it for the story. I considered giving this a 4/5 at first but on reflection and talking with my partner in crime I played the game with(my mum) I think this score suits it better.

Score 3/5

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