Thursday, March 21, 2013

Been a while & yes I still live.

Hey guys... assuming there is more then one of you. I've been neglecting my blog a lot for a variety of reasons. Mainly been spouting my stupidity via Twitter & every time I come up with an idea for a post I spewed it on Twitter & forgot all about it. As for game reviews... been a bit lazy on that because of a variety of reasons... like money. Yeah, I've been a bit short of cash due to needing new glasses & fancy clothes for funerals... I mean weddings & engagements.

I will bring reviews again soon to the blog once I actually can finish the current ones I'm playing... once Australia actually starts to cool down. Only problem is that you'd have already read the pompous professional reviews of the same games since those over privileged twats don't need to buy the games & get payed to review them.

I will do a piece on PS4 with all my opinions & what it could mean for gaming at some point & maybe even in parts too just to draw it out if I feel like a douche. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the PS4 admittedly & once E3 has rolled around we'll have even more to look at.

Looking back at the Wii U & even though I only own one game on it thanks to Fist Of The North Star: Ken's Rage 2 being digital only(which means I rent it until they remove it from the store & not reimburse you for it), I still love it. I highly recommend restarting old Wii games on it to experience them in HD via a HDMI cable because it can make them clearer to see & games like The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles & Pandora's Tower look great in HD. Also WIND WAKER HD! Seriously, that's just Awesome!

If you didn't already know I am still angry with Square-Enix for a variety of reasons like another Final Fantasy XIII game, no Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days game in the HD collection & only it's cutscenes, more delays in Final Fantasy Versus XIII among others BUT at least we now know that Final Fantasy X HD is actually the Final Fantasy X HD Collection on PS3 & each HD game will be sold separately on PS Vita.

I've also gotten really into comics lately too. Yeah... I'm into everything nerdy aren't I? Admittedly this is also interfering with getting games but I do need a break from video games & well... Batman & Spider-man. No I hopefully won't start reviewing comics but it's obvious why... I don't read every comic!

As for retro gaming I have been doing that a lot during the hotter months in Australia & even picked up a few gems too & need more. Feel free to recommend games & send video links of gameplay to me via Twitter to play since I have missed out on a lot of the old games as a kid. Need more for retro reviews!

Well I can guarantee a review for Review A Great Game Day but I won't spoil my controversial choice. As for future reviews... we'll see how it goes I suppose. I do hope you'll follow my idiotic rambling on Twitter & hopefully I'll add more crap to the blog. And no, I will not do video reviews because I'm camera shy & can't edit videos on the relic of a PC I use. If I knew how to do a thing like Yahtzee I'd do that but I don't have the skills or even recording equipment for my voice. Anyway that's all from me for now & hopefully I'll start doing something again real soon.

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