Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rant: Pokemon X & Y's Gengar Mega Evolution & Square-Enix... Europe!

It's been a while since I've done something other then a review on my blog... mainly due to the fact I'm using an 8 year old laptop & I'm too stubborn to upgrade... well actually it's because a replacement will cost me over AU$700 for one that fits my needs. But I'm not here to bitch about my financial status, I'm here for other bitching!

First of all, I love Pokemon... but Gengar's Mega Evolution is broken in the wrong way! As anyone playing the game may know, the Mega Evolution of Gengar is Poison/Ghost with the ability Shadow Tag. This is wrong & I hate it! Gengar loosing Levitate means he's one ground attack away from being nuked, turning his Mega Evolution useless unless you use Destiny Bond. I personally feel the Mega Evolution should have turned him either Ghost only or Ghost/Dark so he can do more then be a suicide bomber

I love Mega Gengar's looks & all but I've found him so pathetic without Destiny Bond & losing a Pokemon with such high stats in one hit from a Pokemon more then 10 levels lower then it just makes the Mega Evolution pointless. It's like all the effort for Mega Evolution was concentrated into Charizard, Mew Two & Blaziken(who is WAY OP!). I love being more strategic with my Gengar, but a Mega Evolution can't be reverted.

Square-Enix always seems to get my goat... ever since the merger in 2003 it's been all down hill from there. I subscribe to the Japanese YouTube channel to see what Japan gets & while all those mobile phones games piss me off, localization pisses me off more... but there is another thing that pisses me off more... refusal of release! Not may people in PAL territories have noticed, but we are NOT getting PS Vita versions of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. I want these, BAD! I've scoured all over the European, New Zealand & Australian video game retailer website & even the official Final Fantasy X HD website for Europe & not one mention of PS Vita versions is visible & even the UK Square-Enix YouTube trailers don't advertise it. Normally I wouldn't be too angry, but all the Japanese & US trailers mention it & Square-Enix Europe refuses to reply to any Tweets & emails on the subject.

Yes, even customer support from Square-Enix Europe is rubbish! They don't reply to emails very often, if ever & they never reply to tweets, unless it's related to how to buy said game they're advertising. It's so pathetic how video game developers & publishers in general don't respond to tweets on Twitter but so many do make the effort like Naughty Dog & Insomniac Games. Considering how big Square-Enix is & their European branch is suppose to cover more gamers then the U.S, why aren't they more focused on their community at large?

Wow! A short rant, one on a small stupid thing & the other on an ignorant arm of a company. It was nice to do another rant... it's been so long! Anyway there's my bitching, talk amongst yourselves.

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