Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I thought about E3 2014

E3 is probably the biggest event in video games and we all come flocking to various internet outlets to watch press conferences, read up on all the news and watch as much gameplay footage as possible to know what's coming soon to our over priced wannabe computers. Chances are there's a game for you shown at E3 that you want but sometimes you wonder, why only one? That's the nature of E3 I suppose, but I'm here to give my thoughts on what happened at the show and what I personally am excited for... no this isn't a full recap, just my opinions so don't expect me to give you all the details on anything I personally don't care about like the Xbox One in general.

Microsoft this year claimed diversity and yet... it was more of the same. Sure Sunset Overdrive looked like fun, but it's not a system seller and Project Spark's reveal of Conker pissed of so many people that I'm surprised everyone who loves Conker's Bad Fur Day didn't do what JonTron did to his Xbox One in this video. For the most part, Microsoft sure seems to be focused on what seems to have been dubbed "Bro Gamers" and unless your into hyper masculine power fantasies... go somewhere else... and I will! I grade them a D- for their press conference since they did have some games that weren't just for the bro's and because they shut up about Kinect this year.

Sony on the other hand actually brought diversity to the show. Seriously, it seemed like they had a game for everyone... seemed being the operative word. Sony once again flexed it muscles on exclusives and games that weren't just for the bro's but that's not surprising since Sony actually seems to be listening to it's fans on social media. Honestly, it looks like 2015 is the year to finally drop money on a PS4 or September if you want a white one and Destiny. I'm kinda upset the PS Vita got shafted at E3 this year since it is such an awesome console, but outside of Japan it seems almost no one seems to own one. PS TV was kind of a surprise at first but we saw it last year as PS Vita TV and all it is is a region locked PS Vita that uses a Dualshock 3 controller and hooks up to a TV and is also picky on what games it'll play... so you're probably only going to buy it so you can play your PS4 on another TV in your house. I'd grade them a B+ because they forgot about PS Vita.

Nintendo... ah Nintendo, we can always count on you to bring primary colours to E3 can't we? Nintendo may not be as popular as the were when I was a boy or it's Wii fame period, but it seems like they don't care... but their share holders definitely do! Nintendo are the trend setters and the innovators and E3 keeps up their reputation for being the "kiddie console company"... by telling us Bayonetta 2 is out in October and comes with the first game! Ahem... yeah I may gush about Nintendo here, so you may want to drag further down for more of my E3 opinions. Nintendo has so many games that I personally wanted and man... I was shocked at the reveal of Splatoon! Oh so many games I just want to talk about like Super Smash Bros having Pac-Man and using figures called Amiibo and Xenoblade Chronicles X, but I want to try and keep this spot short...try. Nintendo had something for EVERYONE! Seriously now, if  Microsoft's press conference was "diverse" than Nintendo's was universal! I actually remember more about the games Nintendo showed than any other games at E3! Chalk it up to Nintendo fanboyism, but Nintendo didn't disappoint. I'd grade them a A- since the 3DS was overshadowed by the Wii U.

As for the games we definitely saw a lot of new IP's for once. I personally was drawn to Scalebound since the trailer gave it a Devil May Cry kinda style to it and Splatoon REALLY looks like fun. Assassin's Creed Unity has me excited since we're back to interesting setting instead of the last 2 games outings. Unfortunately a lot of DLC and downloadable games were brought to the show but with indie developers I understand... AAA companies on the other hand are abusing it! The PS4 & Wii U next year has so many games coming out on them that you'll want them both next year, if not sooner. I'm also surprised that Capcom wasn't a big presence there this year and Square-Enix decided to keep Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 at home. I honestly think it's Nintendo who was the most surprising with a shooter for all ages called Splatoon.

As for my picks of E3... the majority of my choices are from Nintendo for the most part but here's my picks of the litter,
- Assassin Creed Unity(PS4, Xbone, PC)
- Sunset Overdrive(Xbone)
- Phoenix Wright Trilogy(3DS eShop only)
- Splatoon(Wii U)
- Scalebound(Xbone)
- Destiny(PS3, Xbox 360, Xbone, PS4, PC)
- Final Fantasy Explorer(3DS)
- Final Fantasy Type-0 HD(PS4, Xbone)
- Bayonetta 2(Wii U)
- Hyrule Warriors(Wii U)
- Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire(3DS)
- Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbone, PS4)
- Super Smash Bros(Wii U, 3DS)
- Xenoblade Chronicles X(Wii U)
- Uncharted 4: A Theif's End(PS4)
- Zelda Wii U 2015(Wii U)
- Mirror's Edge 2(PS4, Xbone)
- Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain(PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbone)
- Mario Maker(Wii U)
- Mass Effect 4(PS4, Xbone)
- Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix(PS3)
- Starfox Wii U(Wii U)
- Alphadia Genesis(Wii U)

Well E3 is done and dusted and as usual we are all excited for the next 12 months. Personally I see myself throwing money at Nintendo once again, but Sony has finally convinced me it's time to get a PS4 and Microsoft... yeah... still not sold on Xbone. I'm sure we all have that one game they're most excited for and for me, it's Hyrule Warriors. Well, let's hope that the other events that happen throughout the next 12 months also have games that will make us drool over our smartphones and keyboards. Regardless, our pockets will stay empty.

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