Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dust settled on E3 thoughts & what happened to me all this time?

Hey guys! What happened to me? Well... I've been busy with this thing called LIFE! It happens, you people should know that right... right? Anyway I've been distracted with things in life you may not be interest in, but doing the geeky stuff that makes me me. Yeah I haven't done a game review in like... 6 months or any posts in that long, BUT I'm going to try and fix that. Remember guys, I don't get paid to do this, no one funds me and this is pretty much a hobby. Anyway... on to the E3 stuff.

E3 happened! The people more influential than myself have all said their pieces and I thought I'd get my 2 cents in now that they've all shut up. Before I continue, NO THIS IS NOT A FULL RUNDOWN OF E3! Just my thoughts on the presentations and lists of games I'm excited for. There's a bit to go through, so let's get this ball rolling.

Ok! So the press conferences were all interesting but I'm only going to focus on the big 3 and not all the other stuff... I.. I don't want to write forever. Need I remind you, I DON'T GET PAID TO DO THIS! Now there were some good and bad from each, but let's talk Nintendo first.

Nintendo has received the most flak from fans and journalist alike. I think Nintendo's Digital Event was fine... but what ruined it was that most of the games were already shown or announced prior and it just didn't feel as special or magical as Nintendo usually is with the Nintendo Directs. To make matters worse was the fact that they arguably didn't even bring any A grade games. There were plenty of games shown, but not many that the majority of fans would fawn over. You got to admit, the whole Muppet Iwata, Reggie and Shigeru was kinda cool! The games I'm most excited to play are,
-Starfox Zero
-Legend Of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
-Hyrule Warriors Legends
-Super Mario Maker
-Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Microsoft's presentation was... so boring! I know I know, they just don't know how to appeal to a person like me. I spent the majority of my time watching the Microsoft conference on my phone murmuring to myself "Show me something that's not modern garbage... please!". No, it's not my retro gaming nostalgia stopping me from enjoying what Microsoft is shelling out, it's just that it's always the same crap. Microsoft DID throw out a curve ball though... backward compatibility is being rolled out on Xbox One! Yeah it sucks that it only supports a small amount to start with, but they finally gave an excuse for normal people to consider the upgrade to Xbone. They did show a couple titles I was interested in... but the Xbone is still not too appealing to me... but it's getting there. As for games I'm excited to play,
-Rare Replay
-Fallout 4(with mods)
-Xbox 360 games on Xbox One

Sony unanimously "won" E3 this year. They threw out all the stops and showed us so many games this year that were new! Arguable the biggest moments was The Last Guardian, Shenmue III Kickstarter announcement and the Final Fantasy VII remake. There were lots of games that really impressed me and seeing a couple have a PS Vita tag on them too made me happy that it isn't quite dead yet. The games I'm most excited to play are,
-Horizon Zero Dawn
-World of Final Fantasy
-Shenmue III
-Final Fantasy VII remake
-Uncharted 4

VR seems to have been a big thing at E3. Obviously I wasn't there to try it out. VR is something that doesn't really appeal to me, but it's nice to see it advancing the way it has. Sony is trying to milk everyone out of their money with Morpheus, Microsoft is going for augmented reality with it's impressive Hololens and Occulus still exists and is arguably the better version of Morpheus. To me, VR is going to be like 3D. It'll sell to tech heads and magpies, but ultimately be a niche thing most people won't bother with. I honestly think Hololens has the strongest chance of surviving out of the lot.

So that's my E3 opinions. Overall... it wasn't exactly a stellar E3, but it wasn't terrible either. Let's face it, the video game landscape is changing and the industry doesn't know where to go right now. Some think VR, others think an end to consoles and a few think a new boom is just on the horizon. Regardless, we video game players have plenty of games coming for a variety of audiences and we'll still have fun playing them.

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