Monday, October 12, 2009

Retro Review : Final Fantasy VIII

Now that I have heard about the release of this on the PSN in Japan and it's arrival hopefully this week or next week on the PSN in Australia I think it's time to review my favourite Final Fantasy game to date, Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is a JRPG that can take forever to play if you are like me or take a very short time. The story in short is Squall and friends are students at the military academy Balamb Garden and after the graduation exam become SeeDs, a group of the best students who are mercenaries. They get hired by Rinoa's resistance group and if I go into it more I'll tell the whole story.
Gameplay is turn-based command style while standing in a row like every good Final Fantasy and magic is obtained through a command called 'Draw' which take spells off the enemy, this is what make the games so long and is why you only need 1000exp per level. Summons in the game require 'Boosting' where you mash square when told to, to increase the power of the summon and a turbo pad doesn't help much unless your mashing the button while it's in turbo mode. The game also has this thing called 'Junction' where you equip spells to certain stats to boost them and equip summons or as they are call in this game GF's to you characters.

The story is great in this game and characters are interesting and will keep you playing for days straight and you'll come back time and time again because of how good this is. I think it's better then Final Fantasy VII but I like that one also most much as VIII because of it's story. When it comes to the PSN get it if you liked Final Fantasy VII and enjoy!

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