Friday, October 23, 2009

Review : Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

I'll first start with saying that if you haven't played the PS2 Kingdom Hearts games you really shouldn't bother with this. If on the other hand you have played them and the GBA version or PS2 version in NTSC regions Chain Of Memories then you need this, but if you didn't get Chain Of Memories you may as well forget this because your not dedicated enough for this. Ok now that we got that out of the way here is the review of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, also this review is targeted at true fans of Kingdom Hearts more then newcomers.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days focuses on Kingdom Hearts 2 character Roxas and Organization XIII which has 14 members *laughs*. You play in the story mode as Roxas during his days in Organization XIII. The game is mission based but before you whine about that it, it works with the story unlike some mission based games so it can be forgiven. Missions are mainly recon and enemy eradication so they do get repetitive but repetition hold the JRPG genre together. Gameplay is almost a carbon copy of the PS2 versions but modified for the DS and type B controls are what I recommend for better camera controls. There's a new Panel system in the game which is used to equip your magic, skills, items and even levels.... yeah you equip levels. I wish I could review the multiplayer but unfortunately I don't have friends with DS's to try that mode out but it's co op with a competitive edge to it so it's pretty generic sounding and you can use any Organization XIII member in that mode. Missions in story mode can be replayed at anytime in the game so you can build up levels, complete the missions 100% and just get whatever you missed.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days is meant for true KH fans so if you haven't played it before your missing out on a great game series and this is a good game to tide you over until the PSP KH game comes out and the eventual PS3 KH3. The game is fun and it's story helps you understand Organization XIII and Roxas better and helps build up the KH story as a whole. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days gets a 4/5 and you really should buy this and the KH PS2 games and if you can import it or buy it on eBay get Chain Of Memories as well.

Score 4/5

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