Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ever watch an anime and thought it might make a good live action flick?

I am a big anime fan and I am usually open to the idea of a live action adaptation of a movie... until I find out where it's made. I'm like most anime fans am a HUGE fan of Death Note to the point that I own all the mangas, anime DVDs(Special edition ones with the figurine and bought a Japanese Near figure, still need the rest though) and live action movies(Japanese ones) and the live action movies from Japan made for this are good if not great. Now from experience I've learned that Japan is good at making live action adaptations of their mangas but when the US gets their hands on it they kill it. I saw Dragonball Evolution... regret ever seeing it and am glad I didn't pay to see it or I would have asked for a refund. That Cowboy Bebop movie coming soon... guaranteed crap! Now I know that a live action adaptation of a manga/anime is a good idea for the most part but they always make mistakes in the US when working on it. I'd like to bring up some rules I think they should follow, feel free to add comments on some you think they should follow. These rules also apply to video game movies.

Rule 1 : Stay true to source material. If you want fans to enjoy it keep it extremely similar to what it's suppose to even if you need to make more then 1 movie. If they like the first you make the money to do another.
Rule 2 : Poll fans on anime forums on actors they'd like to see in the roles. Sometimes people watch an anime and think maybe X actor could play Y character well and when the adaptation comes out they destroy the movie in forums because the actors didn't suit.
Rule 3 : Try if not give the actors hair and clothes like the anime/manga counterpart. It's more believable if they looks similar and it'll make fans recognise their favourite characters.
Rule 4 : Don't cast acting robots! Some actors in Hollywood while popular do suffer from acting robot syndrome, a problem where they play themselves in all their roles and don't adapt to the character they are playing. I refuse to name them because I don't want to get in trouble.
Rule 5 : Be a fan of the original source material. Zack Snyder was a fan of the graphic novel Watchman so that's why the movie turned out great and the fans of the graphic novel like me accepted it an loved it.
Rule 6 : Involve the original writer of the source material in the script writing process, unless dead then get the help of the company that produced it. Most important rule of all in my opinion. This will get the seats filled in the cinema and they can help make it good, so good that people who are new to it may turn to the original source material to see what they were missing.
Rule 7 : No Micheal Bay. I know it's harsh but every movie he does is patriotic.. even Transformer and when you make a movie of something the world loves, don't stamp 'I Love America' on it. It's for everyone not just Americans, be proud of your country but don't slap it on the rest of the worlds faces. I like his movies admittedly but I don't think he's suited to work on anime movies, movies of US cartoons definatley!

This is all I could come up with and if you can think of any post them in the comments section and I'll paste it in here with your name on it.

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