Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things you may not know but may enjoy

I don't spend that much time on the Internet but along my very few travels and friends suggestions I've got some stuff that might interest you.

A series I found thanks to the show on Fuel TV in Australia called Attack Of The Show (It's on G4TV in the US) it's called The Legend Of Neil. It's a show like The Guild and pretty funny, give it a google and it's worth watching in my opinion.

YouTube is full of funny video and abridged series that are funny but here's a couple that are good, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged which is funny and I enjoy it a lot. Yu-Gi-Oh! the Abridged series is the first and the funniest of the abridged series and there are a lot of episodes to watch. The Key Of Awesome videos are pretty good and there will be more in the future to enjoy. has a fair few good videos that can be funny and insightful and the guy's videos are also on YouTube on his account jimathers so there's over 200 videos they're to enjoy.

If you like webcomics then and have some good ones you may enjoy but if you want a darker humour comic then might be your cup of tea.

Finally an all round good sight with lots of good content is has a lot of stuff for gamers so go and enjoy yourselves.

I plug these sites and stuff because I enjoy it and hope others will too so give them a look and hope I gave you something else to do on the Internet other then read my blog and whatever else you do.

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