Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rant 7 : Never believe release date ever again!

I am sick of all these last minute release date changes and it's effecting every game now. Why have a release date if your going to change it when it's in the weeks of the release? In Australia there is no excuse because we get our games after America so they're already finished it so why f***ing do it? You know who I blame? European publishers which reside guess where? The UK! I've had disdain for the UK for many years as a gamer, no I don't hate the people I hate the video game publishers and well the British (most of them at least) but that's another kettle of fish. I think that game release dates keep changing to make sure Europe or at least England gets the games before Australia because for a couple of years we got the games a day before them and I think it's p***ed them off so they screw us around to make themselves feel happy. Why does the world hate Australia so much in the world of gaming? I'd love to know who is responsible for these release date changes so I can kick their butt in for screwing with me! I am an amateur game reviewer who has to buy his own games to review and when release date get changed it screws with my reviewing schedule. Now if they released a game like a week earlier then I'd be less annoyed, but that will only happen if monkeys could be exactly like humans and world peace gets achieved and Santa brings gifts to all the good boy and girls... and Jesus comes back to life to become emperor of the world.... in other words NEVER!

Ok now an off topic rant. Telstra Australia really p*** me off! They have monopolised the ADSL(ADSL+2 is the fastest Internet here in Australia) Internet industry without monopolising it by being in control of all the copper phone lines every company uses. If Telstra goes down they take everyone with them! I've been having problems with my phone and Internet recently and it's through the company iinet who are cheap for a heck of a lot of downloads and they've been avoiding getting a technician out because it's through Telstra and they get the money for the work and iinet gets squat. I am angry at iinet for that admittedly but I know it's not their fault. Telstra Bigpond was in my neighbourhood doing work when my phone and Internet started stuffing up which is coincidental and iinet said that they may have done something wrong but they have to got through all the normal troubleshooting first. What's annoyingly frustrating is I went through this a year ago with Telstra! I even had no Internet for 12 weeks and was charged for it! Pretty much all I'm saying is be careful who you get your Internet with because if it's ADSL it's Telstra and if it's cable it's Optus, all your doing is getting billed by a different company.

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