Monday, November 2, 2009

Retro Review : Chrono Trigger

Probably the number 1 contender for best video game RPG ever made and one of my all time favourite games I've ever played here's a retro review of Chrono Trigger.

Chrono Triggers story is one of epic proportions and starts with Crono waking up and heading to the millennium fair to see his friend Lucca and here experiment she's showing off at the fair. On his way to where the stage is he runs into Marle who you later find out is the princess and you run around with here while Lucca is setting up for the demonstration. When the stage is ready they go to the show and Marle volunteers for the experiment and gets sent to the past and Crono chases after her. I could go on but it's a long story about time traveling heroes and their fight to save time from an evil monster. The game plays like a Final Fantasy game for it's combat with a new combo skills system which allows 2 or 3 characters to make a new technique from combining certain techniques and battles are not random encounters, but running into enemies on the field. Also the world maps in each time doesn't have monsters so leveling up requires revisiting dungeons. It's easy to lose track of where your up to in story or where you got to go but eventually you'll find your way. The characters are very easy to connect with and after reading an article on the Escapist done on Robo, you realise that the characters have deep and complex stories behind them.

The game has characters from different time periods and has a great story with multiple endings to discover so it provides plenty of replay value and the DS release has an extra ending not in the other versions. It's probably the best RPG anyone can ever played and even though it was originally on the Super Nintendo it had a lot of depth and should be played by anyone who considers themselves a RPG gamer.

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