Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rant 6 : Still no Final Fantasy VIII on PSN!

This game came out in Japan on the 24Th of September and still hasn't shown up on either the PAL or US PlayStation Store's and it really irks me that it's still not on them because it's been over a month and Final Fantasy VII came out in a couple of weeks after the Japanese PlayStation Store uploaded it which leads me to 1 conclusion... It's not considered a good enough game to be uploaded in comparison to the other crap... I'd like to know who thought A Bug's Life was a better game to upload over Final Fantasy VIII, so I can kick their butt! Seriously why isn't it uploaded yet! Final Fantasy VIII has a huge group of fans and you can't play it on the majority of 60GB PS3's so why the f*** not?
Final Fantasy VIII is probably the 2ND best Final Fantasy on the PlayStation and I know a lot of people who are willing to pay the possible $AU16-20 for the game and I've personally got like $AU50 waiting for this game in my account and this is my favourite Final Fantasy released to date and seeing that it hasn't been uploaded is driving me crazier then a starved dog outside of a butcher. I don't know if it hasn't been uploaded because they're still coding it for PS3 or they are just running around with a thumb in there butt, but I wish and WANT Final Fantasy VIII uploaded on the PlayStation Store. Sony if you find this blog though a Google or Bing or whatever search please either release an update that will let all PS3's play Final Fantasy VIII with no problems or release Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation Store.

One last thing... did the game A Bug's Life ever even sell on either the PS or PS Store?

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