Saturday, October 31, 2009

Don't download Cross Edge DLC until you finish the game or are playing Hard Mode!

I just recently downloaded all the free dlc for Cross Edge and it breaks the game like the level 30 cap in Fallout 3... well not really like that but it ruins the game experience when playing Normal Mode.
The dlc gives you a whole bunch of rare items and extra dungeon and some extra PP, EP and TP which is good but it all (other then the extra dungeons) makes the game too easy in normal. My York is LV16 with 92 STR before the dlc it was about 40 something (I dump all bonus PP on him since he's the main character and my favourite one as well). The dlc gives you some awesome weapons , armor and accessories as well which helps to break the game and all those stat boosting items really are the icing on the break cake so beware if your playing easy or normal mode.

Well thought I'd let you know just in case you haven't downloaded the dlc yet and if you finish the game please add a comment to let me know if the dlc gets re-added to the replay data.

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