Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review : MagnaCarta 2

I waited... and waited... and waited for this game to be released and I got it and... well just read the review on MagnaCarta 2 for the Xbox 360.

MagnaCarta 2 is the story of a guy who suffers of amnesia and is called Juto because no one not even him, knows his real name. He and his friend Melissa get tangled in the war between the Northern and Southern forces and Melissa gets killed by a guy named Elgar... I think and Juto joins the Southern force to avenge her with the help of a princess named Zephie, a dragon rhino thing named Argo and other characters. The story also shatters the 4th wall during story dialogue which ruins the experience and drives me nuts, especially since the story isn't very interesting at all. Gameplay is generic action RPG style and mimics Infinite Undiscovery's battle style so it's familiar but it's slower then Infinite Undiscovery so it's very sluggish and frustrating. You can switch the party leader in battle and it's just not very fun, especially when your attacking and go into "Overheat" mode where you CAN'T attack! Again FRUSTRATING! The game works like most JRPG's even though it's Korean and it's got sidequests that reward you MMORPG style with exp, items and money. One thing that should be mentioned... the graphics are extremely poor! I'm not petty on graphics usually but this game is bad anyway so I figured why the heck not. The graphics in the game look like it was meant for the PS2 and slightly enhanced for the 360 to meet the HD quality and the character designs are horrible in the game, the artwork on the cover looks good but the in game designs are poorly done.

This game was designed for a western audience and you can tell that it's a poor attempt at it. I almost never rag on RPG's unless there the American RPG's like Oblivion but this is a bad game for RPG fans but people who have never played a RPG may like it and that's an extremely loose might at that. I give the game a 2/5 and recommend a buyer beware thing for this game because it's not that good and you might not be able to return it. I'm going to try tomorrow but since these games don't sell well normally I may not be able to.

Score 2/5

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  1. I know I'm adding a comment to my own post, I see the irony of that but I thought I'd let you know that Game and EB Games will allow you to return it if you didn't like it regardless of the chance they may never be able to re-sell it.