Friday, November 20, 2009

Rant 8 : I... Need... Air... Conditioning!

As I said in my apology for not reviewing AC2 it's hot... very hot! It's only going to get hotter... ARGH! I only have a pedestal fan too "cool" me off but it blows hot air as soon as the temperature hits 30 degrees Celsius. I unfortunately can't afford air conditioning... but I need it! If only they gave away air conditioning. Unfortunately that's not the case. Australia is synonymous with it's hell like heat, especially in the rural regions. The hottest it's gotten in my area since I've lived here was 48 degrees Celsius which is like 118 in Fahrenheit so it's possible it will be as high if not worse this summer, winter is my best time of year but nothing comes out in our winter for me to review on average because as you know from May until September it's the gaming drought. I'm an overweight person so the heat is murder on me and I sweat like a criminal on trial. Also my last review for the year will be Tales of Symphonia : Dawn of the New World but Retro Reviews will always be done. I will hopefully have new releases in January to review but that's when the summer heat is at it's hottest so I may end up inducing a Red Ring Of Death or burn out my PS3... but the Wii will be safe... unless a game I want comes out on it other then New Super Mario Bros Wii which I don't have, if I did I would have reviewed it.

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