Monday, November 16, 2009

Retro Review : Golden Sun

This is my first portable console game retro review and it's on one of the best JRPGs to ever grace the Gameboy Advance and I'd love to see more games in this franchise, even after the release of the DS version coming out next year. Well lets get this ball rolling and review Golden Sun.

Golden Sun is a JRPG that is done right. Not many games are as well done as this. This franchise can even rival the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchise. The story is one that requires the sequel Golden Sun : The Lost Age to complete but in this game it starts out with some teenagers(typical JRPG characters) and they have powers called Psynergy, which are magical powers essentially and the characters Issac, Ivan, Mia and Garet are out in the world collect Djinni and trying to stop a group from taking elemental stars. Gamplay is in 2 parts. When roaming town and dungeon you can use your psynergy powers to solve puzzles and get to hidden spots you couldn't reach normally and battle is basic JRPG style so easy to pick up and like Final Fantasy you use the psynergy in battle to make the most of elemental weaknesses and summoning using djinni. Admittedly the game can be trying but it's got a great story and unfortunately you need the second game to complete the story but it's worth it. Getting a copy of the 2 games is almost impossible but if you can get the games it's worth the hunt.

Golden Sun is like every other JRPG in terms of how it's battles play and the psynergy puzzles are very well thought out. If you played this and didn't like it then I wish I knew why you were able to turn away from it. Keep an eye out for the DS version cause it's probably a new story that anyone can jump in to.

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