Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guess who's being a pain again? Yep it's Micheal Atkinson!

Gamers of Australia's biggest enemy and the reason why there is no R18+ rating in Australia, Micheal Atkinson has once again voiced why he's against the adult rating and he's used the same argument he uses every time. Fear not gamers because the Attorney Generals position is up for election early next year so vote the bugger out and there maybe a good chance of an R18+ rating getting implemented, but the again it's the South Australian Attorney General position so there is a high possibility that no matter who's in it might make no difference. Anyway it's worth a shot S.A so give consideration to your decision. The 'Discussion Paper' that was suppose to come out still seems to be a myth but Atkinson says he wants it, yet it's still not released. I say everyone in Australia should bombard the SCAG with as much letters as possible to get the paper out. Also if Micheal Atkinson finds this and reads it, all I have to say is if you don't want a R18+ for games... get rid of the R18+ on movies. While there's a R18+ on movies games should also have it as well... oh wait, you need a unanimous decision for that which you wont get! Just let the R18+ out. It's the parents decision on what movies and games they buy their kids so let the parents take the blame instead of making the majority of gamers who are over 18 angry at you... unless you want to be a martyr when you get voted out. Enough talking to him if he reads this. Gamers of Australia may never see a R18+ rating in the next few years but remember that even though it's banned here New Zealand has it and has uncut versions of re-submitted games... that is shameful... NZ has a R18+ rating and Australia doesn't. I'll keep you posted on other developments in the R18+ for Australia as I learn of them and remember, even though Micheal Atkinson doesn't want the R18+ rating, he isn't a bad person... completely, he is just concerned with the children... a little too concerned if you ask me. I mean come on even though it's stopping children seeing extreme amounts of content the MA15 bring enough to scar them too if not worse.

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