Monday, November 23, 2009

Retro Review : Resident Evil 2

Arguably the best Resident Evil and my second favourite after RE4, the game that made survival horror fun. RE2 is the best survival horror next to the Silent Hill games and it's this weeks Retro Review, mainly because it got released on the U.S PSN and I've been having a harder time then normal picking games for Retro Reviews.

Resident Evil 2's story continues after the first and stars 2 new characters to the series (at the time) Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. They come to Raccoon city and wind up having to try and escape the nightmare zombie invasion. Gameplay isn't the best but it works well considering. The game unfortunately has some stupid flaws that are forgiven because of the experience and the variety of monsters and weapons... ok I lie the game isn't the best in the world but some people like it and I like it. As poor as this game may be, nothing other then RE games can be close to this and RE2 is the best of the PS versions.

With all it's flaws and bad script writing it's still a good game and it's a classic game that really gives you a survival feel and I couldn't recommend it any higher then a Silent Hill game. I can safely say that it's worth considering re-purchasing for the PS3 when it comes out but if you choose not to well I wouldn't blame you.

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