Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Super Mario Bros. Wii the good and the bad.

Well well a game that's so good has so many flaws who would have thought... every gamer who ever played a Wii game other then Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess. First lets start with my favourite gripe about Wii games, the motion controls. I don't know who thought motion controls in a side scroller was a good idea but they need their head examined. I hate the motion controls because I fidget sometimes when I play games and the shaking managed to make me jump off Yoshi over a pit. Another gripe is the lack of classic controller and Gamecube controller support. The classic controller would have been the best for the game and I always preferred controllers for Mario games, it's the reason I don't have Super Mario Galaxy. I also hate the multiplayer! ARGH! The Multiplayer! The multiplayer is bad! 2 player mode works ok but has it's problems, but when you got 3 or 4 players it's a cluster f***! Too many players on screen causes player identifying problems and you trip over the other players or screw them over with little things like jumping on their head while they are jumping a cliff or power up theft or my favourite, the screen cutting technique, which is when you run ahead of a player and they die when they fall off screen.

They good things in the game are a classic style of gameplay, outside of motion controls. There is also the old school difficulty, which I love being brought up on the 8-Bit games. Ok there are more things to hate but it's still not as bad but it's a good single player game. If you've heard the rumors of the level editor? It's a Homebrew Channel and emulator exclusive hack so in other words... it's a lie! In short buy this game if you haven't got it and only play single player. Also no it's not a review on the game I bought it after it's release and I don't review games that I purchased after the day of release.

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