Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rant 11 : Why No Final Fantasy VIII? Why no Final Fantasy XIII? WHY!!!!!?

I know I harp on about this a lot but come the f*** on! It came out September 24 in Japan and it's still not released in the USA or PAL regions! Want to know what the PAL region gets as PS One Classics?
Disney Games! We keep getting Disney games and the one off surprise of the PS One true classic Metal Gear Solid, if the USA doesn't have this I hope you get it soon. Square-Enix you used to be cool... what am I say no, you were never cool. Separate Squaresoft and Enix were better off but since the merger, well do I have to explain? I thought Square-Enix is responsible for it not being uploaded to the PS Store but I highly doubt it now to be honest. Every week I check the PlayStation Blog after checking the PlayStation Store in Australia and no Final Fantasy VIII. If they release it on Christmas Day then I'll be like "BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER FROM A GAME COMPANY!" but I'd have a better chance of having a good Christmas then Final Fantasy VIII getting released before Final Fantasy XIII. Come to think of it why no Final Fantasy XIII? Voice acting would be done by now and why the f*** bother with English lips sync? Who gives a crap! A TRUE Final Fantasy fan would rather have the game in English text regardless of spoken language and lips sync. If they are trying to get newcomers to the franchise, why bother?! New fans wont appreciate the older games and a lot of supposed Final Fantasy fans don't even want to try the older games. I AM A TRUE FINAL FANTASY FAN! I have played every PAL release Final Fantasy and have been trying my hardest to get all the NTSC versions as well and I love every Final Fantasy except XII. I hate XII because it's story wasn't good at all, which is because Hironobu Sakaguchi didn't touch it and he left Square-Enix before they started that piece of crap. Either way both of these games SHOULD have been released by now and neither have! I hope Final Fantasy XIII get released in English text for cut scenes and menus in Japan so I can import it. If anyone finds out if it is please post it in the comments because I would kill for the game if Japan has all the text in English. Well if Final Fantasy VIII isn't released before the end of the year then I'm really going to get p***ed and complain directly to Sony and Square-Enix about this because it's been close to 3 months now since the Japanese PSN release.

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