Monday, December 7, 2009

Rant 12 : Final Fantasy XIII coming to Japan in 10 days, Final Fantasy XIII for everyone else... 92 DAYS!... ARGH!!!!!!

Boy I have been angry a lot lately haven't I? As the clock winds closer to the release of Final Fantasy XIII we look at our March 9 2010 release and some forget about the Japanese release in 10 days. It irks me that the game didn't get a worldwide release. I mean the English version should have been finished by now but we seem to be stuck bloody waiting another 92 days. Why you ask? Beats the hell out of me! I am hoping that the Japanese version has English text but hope is like rice paper... it can be torn a sunder with little to no effort. What's worse is that every week Square-Enix puts up a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII in Japanese and rubbing that damn release date in every other countries faces! I really want this game as well as the rest of the world... well I want it even more then the rest of the world... seriously I will do almost anything to get the English version of the game before release. Another thing that's p***ing me off is that they released pictures of the box art as if it's coming out in the next couple weeks instead of the frustrating 92 days we have to f***ing wait! ARGH! Another thing that's p***ing me off is the multi platform release... WHY?! I like all the TRUE Final Fantasy fans bought a PS3 just for Final Fantasy XIII and it's insulting that they are doing a multi platform release for the game and it's probably the cause of the release problem.... coding for that shooter fan boy machine. They should just have released it on PS3 worldwide and do a Xbox 360 release later like they do with PC games, or a 250GB PS3 with the game for $AU 649.95. The point is that the longer English release is bulls*** and it shouldn't be like that.

Phew! Well I better stop, the heat is getting to me and with my flared temper I could pass out so again if anyone can find out if there will be English text in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII please leave a comment. It's times like this I wish I would have continued my Japanese language studies.

[EDIT] The game is not in english in anyway in Japan so import at own risk.

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