Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retro Review : Legend Of Zelda:Wind Waker

One of the few 1st party games made for the Gamecube that didn't suck and was fun and long. Legend Of Zelda:Wind Waker is a great Gamecube classic and is this weeks Retro Review.

The story of Wind Waker is a lot like every other one in short Ganon/Ganondorf wants the Trifore and you have to save Zelda and stop him from getting the Trifore. Well there is the whole thing with the world flooded like ours could be if global warming screws use over and Links sister being kidnapped as well. Game plays like the other 3D Zelda games (that aren't on the DS) and has a lot of ship navigation to each island which gets boring really fast. The game has a lot of length to the story and all the side quests and item hunting will keep you busy for an extremely long time.

Legend Of Zelda:Wind Waker is a good Zelda game but has a tendency to bore you during traveling on the boat but it make the arrival on each island more satisfying and even though it's long, it's still worth the time spent. I enjoyed playing this game but a lot of people gave up on this because of the graphics style.

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