Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rant 10 : What To Look Forward To For Christmas...

Rant number 10 now this time it's my upcoming Christmas. A week ago my stupid sister told my mother that we're having Christmas here at our place and on top of that, we have to supply the food and drinks pretty much and on top of that we have to celebrate it with her in-laws and we're the only ones providing food. How f***ed up is that?! That's 3 families and only 1 is bringing anything me and my mum... sounds unfair right? IT IS!!!! The in-laws are bogans (pronounced bow-guns) and my sisters boyfriend is one of them so I have to put up with over 10 bogans, my sister, my bogan in training nephew and luckily my brother who I'm gonna spend most of my time with so I can avoid the bogans! On top of that I'll have to put up with bogan BBQ food... yuk! Bogan cuisine is horrible! When they cook on BBQ's they under cook the inside and over cook the outside and they do this to everything they cook on it. I hate living in this country because the true blue Aussies are annoying and their Christmas are always a BBQ with beer, listening to crappy music in the wuss rock and country genres and making enough noise to make you sick. I with my proud European heritage celebrate Christmas on the 24Th instead of the 25th and stick to euro traditions from my mum's home country Hungary, used to celebrate it with some French traditions but the only thing French we keep is the bushe de noel which is a cake in the shape of a yule log and my mum uses rum for it too but she hasn't made it in a few years since we don't have a decent oven pan. Now my sister is going to make a normal rum cake instead and we got to pay for everything for Christmas! I F***ING HATE THIS CHRISTMAS! I hope all my bogan-in-laws have food poisoning and alcohol poisoning from this Christmas and die painful deaths! I mean that too. Seriously I hate them and having to put up with them for more then a millisecond! Merry F***ing Christmas for the rest of you while I get a Very S***ty Christmas.

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