Thursday, January 21, 2010

Is anyone else sick of waiting for Final Fantasy VIII to come to the PAL Playstation Store?

As you know I've been ranting and raving about Final Fantasy VIII not being on the PlayStation Store for roughly 4 months now and it's been 1 month since it's U.S release on the PlayStation Store. A release date still hasn't been confirmed for the game and the reasons for it not being released yet are stuff like coding issues and making sure it works perfectly and emulation problems but apparently there may be a chance of it being there by then end of the month. You know what I got to say about that... BULLS***! All the issues may be true but honestly I'm not expecting it until around the 12th of February. I'm not confirming a release date but I expect it to come out around then because of the convenience of the game having a love story and it being close to Valentines day. I would love for it to be on the PlayStation Store tomorrow but like I said, it will probably not come out until February. Also here's a curve ball... where's Final Fantasy IX on the Japanese PlayStation Store? Sooner it gets there the sooner the world gets it.

Well hopefully they are actually working on getting the game to work for the PS3 and PSP without any problems but if they really were, then it would have already been done so it could have been released by the end of last year... bloody Square-Enix!

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