Thursday, January 21, 2010

Madman... You have a problem....

Ok I love the anime Madman Entertainment distributes in Australia but this time I had a weird experience. I sent a couple of DVDs back to be replaced with working copies and I received my originals in the mail back. On top of that the guy who handles this stuff didn't even know about receiving or sending the DVDs because I asked him. I unfortunately made this poor mans life miserable today with a slue of emails trying to find out if it was sent out and if they received my DVDs, then I received my originals in the mail while I was communicating with guy and I had to apologise for all the emails I sent him and I now have to fork out more money to send the DVDs back and hope the right people actually handle it instead of whoever did the mistake. I hope they decide to fire the guy or put him on probation for this debacle. If anyone else has problems I suggest phoning them instead of emailing them because you can resolve it better.

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