Monday, January 18, 2010

Retro Review : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Ahh... remember the old NES days when games required skills and there was no saving. TMNT was one of those games that you wished for a save point. This weeks Retro Review is on a classic game that took me many years of my life to finish.

TMNT was a game that followed the 80's TV series characters in a story separate to the series with a few familiar characters from the series as bosses. Gameplay was an action-platformer with 4 turtles to play and switch with during the game and if you lose one you had to pray you could find them in a stage. The game had power ups that were basic ninja stars and some sort of blast wave that killed almost anything and enemies really start shredding you as you get closer to the end. Also I have to mention that the technodrome is bulls*** difficult, seriously when I get to Shredder I usually just have 2 turtles and one has full health and the other gets killed as soon as the fight started.

TMNT is one of those games that is painfully difficult and is a game I wouldn't recommend to just any gamer, seriously only the truest hardcore gamer looking for a balls to the wall difficult game should play this. Even I get extremely frustrated to the point where I want to hurl the controller at the screen. I love the game and if you are nostalgic, the Wii has this on the virtual console to download and it's cheap.

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