Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why is Final Fantasy II an extreme grind of a game?

I recently bought from EB Games the U.S versions of the anniversary editions of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II and I got to playing FFII, which I haven't played since I got it on the PlayStation back when it got released and I realised that the games stat boost system requires almost as much grind as Final Fantasy XI. I've put in close to 20 hours in the game and 4 hours of it was actually following story. Yeah 16 hours of grinding and my stats aren't that high. Playing the PSP version has an advantage to the PS One and NES versions and that is, there is no stat decreases! The GBA version apparently doesn't have decreases either but I never played the Final Fantasy:Dawn Of Souls version of FFII so I can't confirm it. Also making money in the game is very hard when grinding for stats. I spend more then I make during the grinds and it's annoying.

I love Final Fantasy II even with all it's little annoyances but soon it looks like I'll have to fill the JRPG void with older games since Square-Enix is giving up on the old style and copying the western RPG style and I'm not sure if the other companies are making games for this generation of consoles yet. As for Final Fantasy XIII, I say when it comes out enjoy it while it lasts because if you like the traditional style JRPG then your going to have blue balls in the future.

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