Friday, January 15, 2010

Review : Darksiders

Ever thought the Legend of Zelda franchise needed to butch up? Well this is the closest your gonna get to that and shame on you for thinking that because Zelda games are for everyone not just blood freaks, for you there's Darksiders.

Let me first start with... Oh my f***ing god! This game is an awesome game that any adult missing it may regret it. Seriously this is the game you play until God of War 3 comes out because it's just as bloody fun and full of dismemberment and gallons of blood that gets recorded so you can see how much you spilt.

Aaah! Ok now here's the proper reviewing process. Darksiders story is the apocaylpse is started by War, one of the Four Horseman and now to redeem yourself to 'The Council' and get vengence on 'The Destroyer' who screwed him over. The game plays like Devil May Cry for it's combat for the most part and the dungeons are a lot like the Zelda dungeons to the point where they follow the same formula of [enter dungeon->find item X -> use item X to defeat the boss-> get heart container or in this games case Lifestones] and a few of the items are extremely similar like a boomerang, hookshot and you even get a horse... ok the horse is a duh thing but you got to admit that the people behind this must really love Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess. This hybrid game has a lot of similarities to Zelda but even without comparing to Zelda, it's a great style of game that has depth, which is something you don't get anymore with a lot of popular games.

Darksiders is worth every cent you spend on it and you can get a lot out of this game if your a perfectionist and if your a blood nut then you'll get your fill with this. If you love the Zelda franchise then this is definitely is the game for you... assuming that your over 15 years old. I give the game a 4/5 because the game is great but it's not perfect. I recommend buying it, but if you don't like Zelda games then the blood might not be enough for you.

Score 4/5

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