Thursday, January 14, 2010

Final Fantasy XI. The grindtastic journey

I've played Final Fantasy XI for close to 2 years and ever since the update that added 'Level Sync' the game has had advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are quicker leveling because of being able to party with anyone and treasure chests appear when you kill enemies in some areas. the biggest disadvantage is highly hunted items value has decreased which makes getting money harder then getting the R18+ rating here in Australia. When I first started, the game was a lot of fun and I earned money like it was nothing, since the update I can't party due to not have enough spells and crap equipment and I have to spend a month hunting to earn half of what I need for a lower level spell or piece of equipment. Also linkshells come and go very frequently and it's really annoying being in a LS for a month just for it to disband the next.

If anyone plays Final Fantasy XI on the Bahamut server contact Articus if you have a LS that I can join. I have a LVL61 Red Mage and I need a helpful LS to help me get my last 2 Artifact armor pieces which are the hat and gloves. Well I doubt anyone plays this anymore outside of die hard fans of Final Fantasy like me.

Final Fantasy XI may not be as popular as World of Warcraft aka Digital Smack for smacktards, but I love playing it every once in a while. If you play it you may like it, but if you like WOW then you wont because it's difficult.

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