Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rant 14 : 2010 starts with releases being held back a week, among other things... WTFF!

Jesus bloody Christ this is ridiculous! Come the f*** on! We just started 2010 and every game after Darksiders and Bayonetta got postponed a week. WHY?! I see NO reason for this what so ever. Probably the UK/European distributors being d***s again but I can prove it, but if I could I'd make them pay... for every game, for every gamer so they get no profit for being d***s.... same goes for the USA distributors if they are causing the problem. The year just started and I just marked all the Q1 release on my calender just to find out all but Final Fantasy XIII has been postponed by 1 week... a***holes! I guess 2010 in the gaming world has 3 themes, post apocalyptic worlds for game stories, deaths to good game series and delays on releases. You know what I want to see in 2010? Games that are on time and don't suck, no premium account for the PlayStation Network, Final Fantasy VIII and IX on the PlayStation Store, the R18+ in Australia for games, cheaper games then $AU100 for a PS3 or 360 title, the death of any game developer backing Natal, an invitation to E3, more traditional JRPG's, XBLA getting a higher ratio of games that don't suck, PS2 games on PlayStation Store, a new Mistwalker game finally released, a Sonic game that doesn't suck, less Western RPG's especially heavy dialogue RPG's with dialogue trees, the Wii get a title that doesn't suck other then a Zelda or Metroid game, no gaming drought period, cancellation of Final Fantasy XIV as a MMORPG, Square-Enix to keep making Final Fantasy as a traditional JRPG and make or traditional JRPG's, to be a professional reviewer that gets paid instead of an amateur, decent Wii virtual console games to be downloadable, original IPs that don't suck out loud, etc.

I could go on forever and a day on what I want to see in 2010 but what are the odds of most of that coming true? 2010 has just started and started like a vacuum... sucking! Hopefully if I play my cards right I can get Darksiders and review it as 2010's first review... unfortunately a week later then I would have wanted but I need to start reviewing games for 2010 asap. Also a message to Square-Enix and Yoichi Wada if they find this... stick to what you now and don't stick your d*** into the Final Fantasy formula you already have going. You did it with FFXII and that sucked, so don't do it with FFXV or any other Final Fantasy in the future. Anyway 2010 looks like the year of suck! Come on year! Prove me wrong!

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