Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just 1 more day until Final Fantasy VIII comes to the PAL PlayStation Store... hopefully

As you know I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy VIII. It was the first RPG I ever played and gave me a genre of games to play that were highly story driven and required more then 10 brain cells to play properly. If the European PlayStation Blog is to be believed, Final Fantasy VIII will be uploaded to the PlayStation Store tomorrow around midnight or 1am down here in Australia. Ah Australia.... it sucks to live here but is a great vacation destination, come for our landmarks and beaches, leave before you settle in and become as depressed as the people who live here. As you may have already figured out... Yes I will mouth off at the guys who run the European PlayStation Blog if Final Fantasy VIII isn't uploaded. Seeing as though they already lied once about it's release saying end of January. God do I hate that! Also of topic, it seems that Sony will go with the Xbox Live charging method to play and access content though the PSN and have different plans with different accessibility. So be prepared after E3 to pay $AU100 for all access on the PSN... just f***ing lovely.

Also it seems that the only comments I get are spam, you people STOP IT!

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