Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rant 15 : Anime is scarce in Australia on TV

One thing that irks me is that in Australia we have so many s***ty things going on. Michael Atkinson is stopping the R18+ rating on video games, in summer it's too hot, Australian TV tries to mimic every U.S reality show and there is almost no anime on TV and it p***es me off! All that gets aired is Death Note, TV edit DBZ, Naruto and the kids garbage anime like Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and some mix master crap. There is plenty of anime and it really p***es me off that there is no anime channel on pay TV. I have seen the entire back catalog of anime in Australia and there is enough to run a 24 hour channel with plenty of anime coming soon to have enough variety for roughly a year. It p***es me off that anime has become very popular and Foxtel still hasn't thought of making a channel and it wouldn't be hard. Seriously if I was able to set up the channel I would set the schedule as 6am to 3pm as G rated anime, 3pm to 8:30pm as PG and 8:30pm to 6am as M-R18 anime... with no hentai. See how f***ing hard was that? I just can't believe that anime started to get really big back in 1998 in Australia back when DBZ started to air and more then 10 years later and there still isn't an anime channel!!!

If they ever make an anime channel in Australia for Foxtel then I would actual have something to watch on TV, but let's face it... Australia is the place everyone wants to live in, but regret it or regret being born here like I do.

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